Shane: Clowns to the left – Jokers to the right

By Shane from Centerpoint

Let me get straight to the point: we’re not quite two months into 2009 and we’ve seen and heard some really bizarre behavior by people in positions of power within the sports world, particularly around a certain Southeastern Conference football program.

Southern gridiron fans love to watch off-season meltdowns and lately, new Tennessee Vols head coach Lane Kiffin has put himself in charge of providing the entertainment. Some say that Knoxville has become a circus since Kiffin stepped off the Big Orange jet. After watching him become a laughing stock by bungling NCAA rules, and hearing him make immature public comments, it appears that AD Mike Hamilton might’ve accidentally hired “Captain Clown”.

I have to give young Kiffin some credit for being bold (and perhaps stupid) enough to go after the top two “real” head coaches in the SEC right out off the chute.

Just recently, Lane had to be spanked by the SEC Commissioner for his comments, when he embarrassed himself by falsely accusing Florida coach Urban Meyer of cheating. Quite frankly, I think he comes off like a teenager. I’m sure rational fans around the Vol Nation are mystified by his actions.

Kiffin has become an Internet star – strutting around on the stage with the cameras on, letting his mouth write a check his tail can’t cash.
Football fans across the South are rolling on the floor as they watch this Bozo stumble out of the blocks.

And if the Florida disaster wasn’t enough, during the now infamous speech, the man picked to lead Tennessee back to the front of the pack also allowed a former Alabama assistant coach to pop-off his mouth about “owning” the city of Memphis in recruiting. The very next day, Bama’s Nick Saban got his first commitment for the 2010 class from a stud player out of where? Memphis!

I know every Alabama fan out there has to be grinning from ear-to-ear, with Nick being able to take a great player right out of U.T.’s back yard. In my opinion, this will anger those with a vested interest in the Vols, especially since Saban’s timing made Kiffin and Thompson look foolish.

Maybe Lane hasn’t checked the scores and stats rolled up on the Vols by both Alabama and Florida over the past two seasons.

I’m fairly certain that the Crimson Tide has out-scored Tennessee by fifty points or more over the last two games and the Volunteers must travel to Bryant-Denny for the upcoming contest.

Saban will show no mercy on Kiffin because of the Thompson situation. Maybe these two clowns (Kiffin/Thompson) need to be muzzled before they do any more damage?

I already envision Urban Meyer telling Tim Tebow to turn on the gas and rack up 60 on Tennessee when they face-off their annual battle later this year. Gator fans will demand a beat-down and I’m confident Meyer will be anxious to quench their thirst by hammering Kiffin’s team into the turf.

By the way, I’m not the first writer to go after Lane Kiffin. Major media player Paul Finebaum (a U.T. alum himself) was the first to criticize his own university for hiring the boy. Finebaum turned his radar on Kiffin’s goofy nature way before Lane began to trip over his own tongue.

We’ve yet to see if Lane Kiffin can coach a lick. It surely didn’t look like it when he was running the NFL’s Oakland Raiders. However, we do know that he can do a great impression of Barney Fife. Remember when ole Barn used to blurt out goofy statements only he could understand and believe. Pretty funny, huh?