Kiffin Watch: Rocky Top now Rotten Top & more

It could be a full time job keeping track of the buffoon in Knoxville. It seems every day last week revealed new problems for the embattled Tennessee football coach. Check out the latest on the SEC’s newest comedy.

Coach Kiffin leaves rotten impression
According to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, Coach Kiffin leaves a rotten impression. Bianchi spares no punches in superb column.

A few gems from Bianchi: “Points out one wise reader: With Lane Kiffin in charge, Rocky Top is starting to smell more and more like Rotten Top.”

“In the last few days, Kiffin has falsely accused Florida Coach Urban Meyer of breaking NCAA rules, broken NCAA rules himself, instructed a recruit to lie to the media, lied to the media himself, been reprimanded by the SEC, impugned the integrity of Pahokee High School, been forced to issue public apologies to Pahokee High and UF and, last but not least, proven Al Davis to be somewhat sane after all.”

Kiffin surges to #2 in Coaches Hot Seat ranking
Lane Kiffin has done the impossible. Lane Kiffin has climbed to number 2 in a ranking of coaches before even coaching a college game. Unfortunately for him, the ranking is of coaches in trouble as Kiffin sits ranked number two on the According to the Coaches Hot Seat blog, Kiffin accomplished something special, something no other coach had ever accomplished—he moved up the poll twice in one day. “Shut your mouth Lane or you going to talk yourself right out a job, maybe even before you ever coach a football game at Tennessee,” CHS wrote.

Kiffin is purging offensive linemen
Since the end of the 2008 season, three linemen have left the team and one lineman graduated, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel. Since Kiffin doesn’t know much about football or its rules, I provide this helpful tip: linemen are kind of important. The offensive line looks to have serious depth issues developing.

Comedy of Errors for Tennessee
The Tennessean provides a look at what is going wrong for Lane Kiffin. According to the paper, “The gaffes captured headlines in sports pages across the country and are raising questions about whether the 33-year-old former Oakland Raiders head coach has a sufficient grasp of college recruiting rules or the enormity of his role as the top guy at a major college program.”

The long article covers the entire debate over Kiffin’s rationale for making his comments. “Observers are divided over whether his public comments are the miscalculations of a young coach or an effort to artfully fire up a listless team and apathetic fan base.”

However, why would anyone need to energize Tennessee fans. Tennessee is a great program with great fans. They were going to fill the stadium at the start of the season anyway. They were going to show up in large numbers for the spring game. The regime change gave Volunteers hope; hope is energizing enough. Kiffin’s comments weren’t calculated. Kiffin’s comments on February 5 were the result of the exact same reason he committed a recruiting violation on Knoxville radio Friday—Kiffin doesn’t think before he speaks.

Kiffin is spinning that there is no such thing as bad publicity. However, being a national joke might not be bad for Paris Hilton, but I doubt anyone would trust Paris to get them to the NFL.


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  1. 1

    Like I said before, Obsessive behavior is a mental disease. You ‘Bammers need serious professional help. INTERVENTION TIME!

  2. 3

    You guys need to be focusing on finding a new BB coach. The Kiffin story is really nothing but noise right now. September will be here soon enough!

  3. 4

    No need to respond to Carlos. Meyer and Saban will respond in September and October by beating UT by a combined 80 points.

  4. 5

    >>No need to respond to Carlos. Meyer and Saban will respond in September and October by beating UT by a combined 80 points.

    You mean the same way Bama was going to blow out Utah by 20 or 30 :)?

  5. 7

    At home with new Coach K, planning ultimate world domination of course (as well as hanging our head in shame that the one SEC school that we thought was a LOCK to win its bowl game forgot to show up at the Sugar Bowl).

  6. 8

    Hey BamaFans, I know, let’s troll over to a Vols baord and talk smack with no foundation in reality. Oh, yeah…we wouldn’t do that because psycologically speaking, trolling to another team’s board would demonstrate insecurity and an attempt to compensate for a deficiency in a portion of the male anatomy. Plus rather than bring up how your only losses are to the 2008 Nat’l Champs and the only undefeated 1A team in the NCAA, we’ll just renind how we beat that Orange butt Crimson and will do so again this year. I’m guessing certain a certain UT fan will respond because there’s still that desire to make up for the aforementioned deficiencies ;-D

  7. 9

    Carlos, you are almost as stupid as the Auburn fans that troll here. But glad to see you are following in your coaches footsteps, moron. What are you UT goobs going to do when all this backfires in Kiffins face? You UT fans are the only ones in the entire country that can’t see the train wreck coming. It is going to be ugly.

  8. 10

    Apologies to the Bama fans for misspellings. Served two purposes: gave a certain Vol fam comfort in reading in a format taught at UT and difficult to type with large appendages on a blackberry. But Bama fans understand because we all have large “appendages” 😉

  9. 11

    Carlos says “go Utes”

    Bamaman says “go Wyoming” bwahahaha along with SIX others, who looks like the cheering idiot?

  10. 12

    Hey, I know UT stunk last year. Loosing to Wyoming was not really a surprise to me. But the way the Bama nation talked, this years class was the best thing in the AB era (After Bear). The way the local Bama fans talked (I live near Birmingham), this years (temporarily) 12-0 team could just about walk on water and the shadow of Saban was believed to heal the sick and make the barren conceive child.

    Moron and idiot? I graduated high school valedictorian and from college with a 3.69 GPA. I can read and write quiet well thank you very much and do at least know how to spell Kiffin.

  11. 13

    Or I guess I should say “quite” well. I will indeed go away from this hallowed electronic ground and leave you Bama fans to your somewhat disturbing Kiffin obsessions. I will stop back by on September 20th though to gloat over the Lane Train’s upset of Urban Crier and the Gators.

    Now, off to enjoy the NCAA BB tournaments where the UT men may just win the SEC tournament and the women have a decent shot at the National Title. Enjoy trying to find a men’s coach willing to come in after the way you folks publicly HUMILIATED Gottfried. Way to make sure you get the best talent there folks. Thank Finebaum on your way to the SEC basketball basement.

  12. 14

    Thanks Carols for demonstrating my thesis: “I can read and write quiet well thank you very much and do at least know how to spell Kiffin”. Hmm, so you write “quiet”. Please take your own advice. UT had better know how to spell Kiffen, they’ll be writing the name on unemployment checks after the beatings he’ll take in his first year. Roll Tide Roll!

  13. 17

    Carlos, I could care less if you could read and write, even if it is suprising that you have overcome your handicap. But I guess coming here and running your d-licker is kind of like positive reinforcement therapy. If you say it enough it will come true. But Tennessee will be lucky to have a winning record this year. If you can’t see the reality, I do look forward to you coming back here this football season. You will be an easy target.

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