Dirty, dirty Memphis

Ron Higgins of the Memphis Commercial Appeal wonders why Nick Saban isn’t in trouble for a possible recruiting violation over star junior and Alabama commitment Keiwone Malone. Higgins makes the allegation based on a quote from Malone.

According to Higgins, “Judging from the quotes given by Malone to the CA’s Jason Smith, there was a face-to-face meeting and a selling job by Saban. Mitchell High didn’t have any seniors that were being recruited by Saban, so his visit wasn’t for that purpose. And it had to be more than a bump.”

Fans of every SEC school should prepare for the inevitable. It is only going to get nastier in the conference.


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    Those dimwits from Raunchy Top have a better chance of winning the National Championship next year than catching Saban in a recruiting violation. Saban knows the rules better than the NCAA does and is not going to be dumb enough to break those rules. To beat Saban at recruiting you are going to have to out work him which is not going to happen. Throw egg all you want and continue to wipe it off your face. Kiffin is funner than Fat Fulmer because at least Fulmer had half a brain.

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    Some coaches have it — some don’t — recruiting is a full time job in the “off-season” as well as the regular season — the SEC is *THE* best conference and don’t let any media outlet convince you otherwise — the talent in the South is supreme and talent will never be overlooked — scouts are stationed even in the smallest of towns with one traffic light at one four-way — Saban will always recruit to the fullest extent of the law as long as he lives — I sleep good at night knowing that our head football coach is taking care of business instead of kickin’ back — Crimson Nation puts higher numbers in the left column now and for the future — RTR — fear the future — millions do.

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