Chizik gives self vote of confidence

It is a bad thing when you get a vote of confidence from your athletic director.

What is it when you give yourself a vote of confidence? Sad? Pathetic? Maybe both.

Gene Chizik gave himself a rousing vote of confidence in today’s Birmingham News as Ray Melick covered Chizik’s speech to the Birmingham Rotary Club.

“I’ve been doing this for 23 years,” Chizik was quoted as saying. “I’ve never been fired…And in 23 years, I’ve never made a bad decision. I’ve never failed in this position.”

Never been fired.

Never made a bad decision.

Never failed.

Never failed? What do you call 5-19?

The Iowa State people call it abject failure. They declared a holiday when you left. You may not think you failed, but you did. And if you don’t know you failed, then Auburn fans are screwed even more than they already think they are.

And Melick provides cover for this absurdity with this, “But then perhaps Chizik is looking at his career as a sum total instead of in parts. Every step has been a step forward. He did something in every job – even, you’d have to say, Iowa State – that was good enough to get him enough attention to move one step closer to his ultimate goal.”

The only thing Chizik did in his Iowa State job to get Auburn’s attention was be a coach who wasn’t black and was breathing.

That hardly qualifies as success.

It is pathetic.

But what is even more pathetic is bragging about that 5-19 record of success. Such spin is worthy of a politician not a football coach.