Erin Andrews is sexiest sportscaster

It is once again official.

Erin Andrews is the sexiest sportscaster for 2009. We have that on no less an authority than a survey conducted by Playboy.

And if you like Erin Andrews pictures, you’ll enjoy this YouTube:

And since we are talking about Erin Andrews, provides a Valentine’s themed interview with the ESPN celebrity. She was kind enough to provide a few ideas for Valentine gifts for any guys who haven’t figured out what to give their girls. From the interview: “Andrews: Well, given the economy right now, I think just fixing up the house, lighting a bunch of candles and getting a few bottles of wine would be perfect. If a guy wants to spend some dough, that’s different. But if someone isn’t working with a big budget, candles and wine are a good way to go.”

A few bottles? So not just one? She didn’t provide any specifics either. Merlot? Chianti? Porto?

And I’m not so sure about the candles thing. All that alcohol around an open flame? That just seems like a dangerous combination. At least those are a few good ideas to get you ready for the holiday.