College football in color

Yearn for Crimson against Orange on the Third Saturday in October? Want to see Crimson battling Blue in the Iron Bowl? You might just get your wish. The NCAA Football Rules Committee sent to the membership a proposal to allow teams to wear colors. The proposal now enters the comment phase before a final consideration before the Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

According to the NCAA, the football rules committee “approved a request to allow teams, when approved by the conference office and agreed to by both teams, to wear colored jerseys as long as they are clearly contrasting in color. When an agreement is unable to be reached, the visiting team shall wear white.”

The issue of color was vividly illustrated in the UCLA-USC game where both teams wore home colors. The use of colored jerseys by both teams would bring even more depth to high definition broadcasts.

The committee also considered other rule changes. You can read more about it at the NCAA’s website linked above.


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    Bama had most of their best games in white last year on the road, Ga probably burned their black jerseys and no color seemed to help Aub, I wonder if that crap gets in those kids mind??

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