Vols showing class; insult Fluker and Finebaum

Don’t you love it when fans are angry when people call their coach names like “buffoon”, but then do nothing but insult other people?

Tennessee fans are doing it better than anyone in response to how the press has treated the boy blunder, Lane Kiffin. Take this gem from 3sib.com, “Now I must admit that when I get really, really angry about something, my vocabulary shrinks to the size of D.J. Fluker’s brain…Finally, today, just proof that some newspapers will give any fool column space these days, Paul Finebaum ‘wrote’ an article in the Mobile Press Register calling for Kiffin to be fired immediately. Thanks, Paul.”

Insulting a football player’s intelligence and calling a respected columnist a fool is a great way to make your point. Perhaps if you want to call for greater civility in the treatment of your idiotic coach, you should practice what you are trying to preach? Treat people with respect if you want people to treat your petulant child of a coach with respect.

Calling people names and attacking an Alabama recruit tells us all we need to know about the state of affairs in Knoxville. You deserve Lane Kiffin. I know I’m looking forward to the NCAA sanctions coming your way since Kiffin has no grasp of recruiting rules. He’s already displayed that twice in the last month.

Way to go on that hire. Bet you wish Phil Fulmer was back.