Vols showing class; insult Fluker and Finebaum

Don’t you love it when fans are angry when people call their coach names like “buffoon”, but then do nothing but insult other people?

Tennessee fans are doing it better than anyone in response to how the press has treated the boy blunder, Lane Kiffin. Take this gem from 3sib.com, “Now I must admit that when I get really, really angry about something, my vocabulary shrinks to the size of D.J. Fluker’s brain…Finally, today, just proof that some newspapers will give any fool column space these days, Paul Finebaum ‘wrote’ an article in the Mobile Press Register calling for Kiffin to be fired immediately. Thanks, Paul.”

Insulting a football player’s intelligence and calling a respected columnist a fool is a great way to make your point. Perhaps if you want to call for greater civility in the treatment of your idiotic coach, you should practice what you are trying to preach? Treat people with respect if you want people to treat your petulant child of a coach with respect.

Calling people names and attacking an Alabama recruit tells us all we need to know about the state of affairs in Knoxville. You deserve Lane Kiffin. I know I’m looking forward to the NCAA sanctions coming your way since Kiffin has no grasp of recruiting rules. He’s already displayed that twice in the last month.

Way to go on that hire. Bet you wish Phil Fulmer was back.


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    Did you just do what you said the vols were doing by calling Kiffin an “idiot.”I’ve never heard of a team’s fans acting like that.Wait a minute…..Him commenting on Fluker’s intelligence is definately crossing the lines though.

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    I don’t mind the name calling…I’ve called Kiffin a buffoon for a week now.

    What I have a problem with is bitching about name calling and then engaging in it in the very same post.

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    Paul Finebaum a “respected columnist?” Isn’t that sort of like calling Hitler a “respected painter?” Paul Finebaum is nothing but the Jerry Springer of sports talk. The only creatures I have ever known of who respected Finebaum’s “work” were the puppies at the local pound who found a fitting use for his columns in the paper.

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    A volunteer friend of mine text me this week with this awesome quote “kiffin, the next bear bryant?”…and the guy is serious!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    This is flat out stupidity at its rawest form. First……Finebaum is a self serving jackass,,,,,,far from ever being a “respected” journalist. He is the Jerry Springer of sports talk radio. To argue such shows YOUR ignorance. I dont know about what was said about Fluker. If thats true , then yes , it was out of line. But youve taken so much out of context with the whole Kiffen thing, it wouldnt suprise me if you took that out of context too. More of “Just getting to the truth ” cappy ?

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    I’d like to know what I’ve taken out of context. I’ve been very careful to quote Kiffin with specific citations (usually with links).

    In this context, the Vol blogger insulted an Alabama recruit. I’m sure it was a joke, but it shows the mindset of people willing to enable Kiffin’s comedy.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    That is the context in wich I speak. A freekin Vol Blogger ?????? I would have thopught from all the fuss that it would have been the Tennessee Athletic Director.

    I guess what Im saying is this……I just dont see the big deal. He hasnt said anything about Bama or Saban. Just Florida. Heck , I think its comical. But other than that, not really THIS blogworthy ( about 15 columns devoted entirely to Kiffen bashing)……..

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    Ballplay, why would it bother an Aub if a Bama website wants to talk about Tenn? There is not alot going on right now, if you don’t want to see it go snipe hunting

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    Paul Finebaum “a respected columnist”.
    I just tossed my lunch. That is too funny. Only the red knee pad wearing Bammers can think that knucklehead is “respected”. Get up off your knees and show a little self respect.

  10. 14

    FINEBUM has been beat to death BUUUT……. My turn, He has no respect for anyone (other than Saban) So i dont think anyone should respect him. A few weeks back he TOTALLY disrespected a female caller just because he could and he thought it was funny! That was the last time I listened to his show. Where I come from you dont do Women like that and hes a SISSY BITCH for doing so. HE deserves ANY/EVERY name he is called by anyone. Now the Kids need to be left out of it But Finebum will call em names to sooooo……….. FH


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    All you Auburn people are pissed at Finebaum because he is slamming Auburn right now. He slammed Alabama the whole time Shula was at Alabama and you guys loved it. Bama fans hated him. But he was right about a lot of things he said about Bama, and he is right about a lot of the things he says about Auburn now. But if you get really mad when you hear him, you are getting played. You probably believe ‘wrasslin’ is real too.

    But it sounds like you Auburn guys get your feelings hurt if Bama hates another school and ignores you guys for too long. Don’t worry though. We still have plenty of time left to hate on Auburn some more. But I see Chizik is not one to pop off at the mouth too soon. I’ll bet you Auburn guys are jealous of Tennessee now also.

  12. 16

    I could care less what Finebum thinks of AUburn! He has NO clout! Nor does he have any allegiance So in my book He is worthless, And NOW you say he was telling the truth and he may be But he is still a PUDD and THATS THAT.PERIOD.
    If h spoke to a Woman in my life like that I would make sure he learned YOU DONT DO THAT!!

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    I could care less about Finebaum. He plays fools like you Auburn guys and makes a career out of it. But it is funny to hear him piss of all the Auburn people. Man, they just keep coming back for more. You would think that they would learn by now.

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    E. G. White

    if that was a Tenn blogger that said those things then it wasn’t relevant or important. just shows the mindset of the inbred sister humpers. nobody really cares what they say. but, if it was someone in the UT system that said it then they should be admonished only for the remark about a student athlete not for finebaum. finebaum is a proffesional columnist and sports talk show host, and as such he is open game for criticism and slurs. with his public forum he can defend himself. rtr!

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