Kiffin hasn’t issued promised apology

Lane Kiffin promised a public apology to Pahokee for negative remarks about the community. He promised the apology to Pahokee football coach Blaze Thompson, but hasn’t made the apology as of Monday.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, “Thompson was pleased that Kiffin called to apologize, but is still waiting for a public apology, which Kiffin promised Thompson on Saturday he would make. The public apology isn’t just for Thompson. The Pahokee Chamber of Commerce drafted a letter and sent it to several high-ranking administrators at Tennessee and the SEC, demanding as well a public apology from Kiffin.”

The public is also waiting on some new comment from the University of Tennessee’s administration on its support for Lane Kiffin.

Will the university show its supports the embattled young coach, or will it let the coach twist in the wind as speculation grows that the boy blunder could be one and done in Knoxville?