Report: Saban lands first 2010 recruit

So much for Lane Kiffin’s domination of Memphis.

Nick Saban has his first recruit of the 2010 class as Keiwone Malone committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide, according to The recruit hails from Memphis. He is 6’1″, 165 lbs and runs 4.4 in the 40.

Malone had 73 receptions for 1,407 yards and 19 touchdowns (average of 19.3 ypc) in his junior season. He had 1,249 yards on 70 catches and 12 touchdowns as a sophomore.

Malone’s speed should help stretch opposing defenses for the Crimson Tide, provided that Lane Kiffin doesn’t build that fence a little taller around Tennessee.


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    Hey Lance …. how does it feel that you don’t “OWN” Memphis yet — sorry ya boi St. Nick got a verbal for the 2010 class from where? — Memphis — even though Lance T. probably doesn’t read threads on this website — I hope he understands that Nick Saban MADE him and tell Stacy Thompson that I wouldn’t divorce him either especially after he got that fat pay raise — silly hizzzoesss —- call a moving company because everyone knows that you’re still in T-Town — pack ya shiznit up and get out of town — there is no way the Thompson’s are going to live a peaceful life in AL — pack it up to Knoxville ya punk a$$.

  2. 2

    Yo, Lance,while you were standing there boasting with little sister “Elaine Kiffin, Saban was out recruiting his first of several from Memphis. “HE AINT GETTING ANYMORE OF MY RECRUITS”, yeah right!! See you the 3rd Saturday in October!

  3. 4

    Lance Thompson has now recanted his famed “We are going to OWN Memphis” remark.
    Says Thompson:
    “Did I say Memphis? I meant Bumpus. Bumpus Tennessee. Its the new mecca for College recruits in the Great State of Tennessee. It is my little ace in the hole. Yepper, My little secret…”

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