Alabama lands top recruiting class

Alabama has landed back-to-back top recruiting classes. According to, the largest online recruiting service, the Crimson Tide topped LSU by a margin that should trigger an automatic recount. Alabama 2,786 LSU 2,762.

It was the signature of Trent Richardson that secured Alabama’s victory late Wednesday afternoon. Watch Trent Richardson donning a houndstooth hat to punctuate his choice of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Nick Saban even noticed the Alabama hats being displayed on national television Wednesday.

“I think I’ve seen just about every kind of Alabama hat there is, don’t you think?” Saban said. “I liked that last one though. It was a pretty good one. We are certainly pleased with the quality of the class we were able to attract to the University of Alabama. Obviously, it’s a great blend of great athletes, some size players, some guys that actually solve some needs for us in the future, relative to complementing the players that we have in the program right now, as well a fine character group of young men that we’re pleased and happy to have join the quality of players that we have right now in terms of their character.”

Saban described his thoughts on Trent Richardson’s decision during his press conference.

“I was elated, ecstatic, happy and really pleased,” Saban said. “I think he was a real key to the class because he’s an outstanding player at a position that a young player can contribute at next year. He may have the opportunity to do that because our circumstances have changed with Glen Coffee going off to the draft and Roy Upchurch getting injured this year, even though we are pleased with the progress that he (Roy) is making. A young player may have the opportunity to contribute and Trent certainly has the ability to do that. They (Trent’s family) are great people. In their mind there was never anything to worry about.”

Saban handed out compliments to everyone on his staff and key Alabama administrators like Dr. Robert Witt and Mal Moore. He took time to praise another member of the Alabama team, Terry Saban.

“My wife Terry does an awfully good job of making our house available to the prospects when they come in and all the coaches wives contribute to it,” Saban said. “I’m not sure everybody knows how much everybody puts into this when it comes to recruiting and it’s not just one recruiting visit, its multiple visits and unofficial visits that all contribute to developing the relationships that you need to be able to attract quality guys and it takes a lot of time with our coaching staff, our administrative staff and our academic staff here.”

While fans are enthusiastic about the top ranking, Saban is doing his best to send a message to the incoming freshmen.

“I’m not really interested, as always, in talking about how this class gets rated because the real significance of this class is what happens two or three years from now, in terms how they develop and how they contribute to the program and how many outstanding performers that we have in his class,” Saban said. “That’s the true evaluation of this class. It’s great that they are recognized. It’s great that our coaching staff could put such a good group together, but at the same time, their character and ability to develop as a group will ultimately determine the impact that this class has on our football program, and our ability to win and win championships. That’s what’s most important to me. It’s the same analogy I use every year, the best puppy dogs don’t always grow up to be the best hunting dogs and that is what has to happen from freshman, sophomore and junior years, in terms of players developing. It’s so important.”


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    Well, allow me to be the first barner to offer congratulations. I still think the idea of actual class rankings is silly and overhyped, but there’s no doubt that Saban is an animal when it comes to recruiting. Hanging on to Richardson was especially big. Now I’m really hoping we can snag Oku next week, or maybe even luck up and grab Bryce Brown. I seriously doubt Auburn’s gonna get Brown, but then again I seriously doubted Auburn would get Benton.

  2. 2

    I’m not big on rankings either, but when a player is highly sought after by multiple programs whose coaches’ livelihoods depend on getting great players to come play for them, that’s big when you land him. And almost every player we signed today could have named his school. People who make their livings evaluating talent (coaches and scouts) for the 2nd year in a row put this class either at the top or in the top 3 programs in terms of a harvest in talent. One steller class bought us 12-2 and several first year starters or major contributors. What will the next one get us? And there’s still redshirt talent from last year what hasn’t even seen the field yet (Alonzo Lawrence). Love us or hate us, but Bama is force to be reckoned with, and we aren’t going away. Nick Saban is worth every nickel we are paying him.

  3. 3

    I agree with that ITK, except on the recruiting services. I don’t ignore the recruiting services, but we’re talking about a multi-million dollar business. It would be naive to think they aren’t going to be somewhat biased in favor of schools with ardent fans that buy subscriptions. I put a lot more stock into what other schools are offering kids than I do stars and rankings, and Bama certainly finished strong in that area. If someone can seriously explain the difference between a 4 star and 5 star kid I’d be shocked. I do think the ESPN number scale of 1 to 100 is better, but even then it’s completely subjective. For example, Auburn signed Taikwon Page yesterday who is listed as a 4 star. Auburn didn’t even make an offer to him until Monday or Tuesday, and he would have been going to UAB if he hadn’t gotten that offer. The kid may turn out great, and I hope he does. But how in the #@!% is he a freakin’ 4 star??

  4. 4

    Julio, would it be silly if Aub ranked number one? Never mind, instead of just saying no, I realize I would get a dissertation on what came first, the chicken or the egg. . .

  5. 5

    BM, if you actually read my post, you’d see that I said that Bama finished strong in the area that I think is the best indicator, and that is other big name schools that want the same kids. To actually say that a class “ranked” #1 is somehow objectively better than a class “ranked” #8 based on some crazy star system that no person on earth can provide an objective explanation of is insane. The important thing for Bama is they got pretty much everyone they wanted except a couple of guys, and they once again locked down the state.

    And yes, I in fact did say the exact same thing when Auburn was repeatedly signing “top 10” classes.

  6. 6

    Thanks for proving my point Julio. . .so you are saying it was the egg. . .hmmmm funny thing I have noticed a corelation only amongst the Aubs that recruiting rankings don’t mean anything lately, I wonder why that is. . . .

  7. 8

    As does all of your loser program bs, but anyway congrats on finishing behind North Dakota State in recruiting, I am sure it will pay major dividends on the field with Mr. 5 and 19

  8. 10
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Alabama will be in the Nat. Championship hunt very soon. Congrats.

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