Where is five-star wide receiver recruit Rueben Randle going to sign tomorrow? Rumors are running wild, but the LSU boards are in meltdown over a radio interview where Randle’s father said the recruit would not sign with LSU if Benton signs with the Tigers.

Here is the message board thread if you enjoy meltdowns over recruiting.

It should be a fun National Signing Day Eve.

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    This just in:
    Rueben Randle has rescheduled his visit to Auburn. Sometime next fall possibly.

    Bryce Brown recently said.
    “Yeah, I am waiting to see who has a good offensive line to support my running.” Something tells me the insightful Bryce might be going to a JuCo in the near future.

    On a lighter note. Pat Dye has lost his pants again. There is a $20 dollar reward. It is in his wallet.

    Coach Gene Chizik when ask what his recruiting plan would be said: “We are Auburn.” Which prompted the response: “Well of course you are, NOW WHAAAT IIIIISSSSS YOOUUURRRR REEECRUITTING PLAAAAAAAN?”

    Bobby Lowder has been suspiciously quiet recently. Which reminds me.
    Q. What is the difference between Colonial Bank and Colonial Bakery?
    A. The Colonial Bakery is the only one making bread these days.

    Well NSD (aka Nick Saban Day) is upon us. And to the Bama fans…..Dont worry, if 1 (one) recruit goes to another school Auburn fans will rub it in like it is the death nell of Alabama Football.
    The good news:
    If Bama finishes strong, look for 5 years of dominance on the National scene.
    The Bad News: If Bama finishes where they are right now, look for 4 years of Bama dominance nationally….
    Doom and Gloom …eh?

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