Nick Saban knows basketball too

The Rap Sheet has the story of how Nick Saban spoke to Alabama’s basketball team Friday night. While it might be a stretch to say that Saban would be an improvement over Mark Gottfried, it is clear that Saban is a great motivator.

According to the Rap Sheet, “Saban told the players in his colorful, emphatic speech to be relentless. Be like Freddie Krueger, he told them. Just when people think you’re down, just when people think you’re dead, you come back and strike. If you’re opponents see you won’t quit, they’ll back down and you will dominate them.”

What is most interesting about the speech is that it even happened.

Can anyone imagine Gottfried inviting Nick Saban down to speak to the basketball team? Of course not. Gottfried resented Saban. He complained to the media about Saban’s welcome during a basketball game. Unfortunately for Gottfried, he overlooked a powerful ally.

That is another reason firing Gottfried was the right decision.

Before I forget, the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs Saturday. According to the AP, “Alonzo Gee scored 20 points, Senario Hillman added 19 and Alabama beat Georgia 75-70 on Saturday night in a battle of teams trying to rebound from midseason coaching changes.” You can read the rest of it embedded below.