Who is NOT an ethical recruiter?

I can give you the answer to who it not an ethical recruiter. The boy wonder, Lane Kiffin. Telling a recruit he doesn’t fit your system and to look elsewhere is fine. Doing it with only days remaining until National Signing Day just makes you look like trash. It looks like Al Davis was right. Here are the details on how Kiffin screwed a recruit via ESPN’s Chris Low.

How long until Phil Fulmer turns Kiffin in for NCAA rules violations? I’m betting it won’t be long, and the Volunteers end up on probation before any other football program in the conference.
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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Nick Saban from Alabama. Anyone who has a rule “i.e. The Saban Rule” cant be an ethical recruiter.

  2. 2

    Webster’s dictionary define’s “the Saban rule” as:
    a group of lazy ass coaches brainstorm idea to try and leverage help to keep from getting that ass whipped year in and year out from the master recruiter.

  3. 5

    Bamaman these guys are not getting any sleep worrying about what coach is up to..LMAO and omni why is saban unethical because he coaches at the great ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE ???SHIT men get a life get over it BAMA is here to stay now get over it ..But i know you two want….LMAO

  4. 6


    I didnt say that! I asked a question. which has been avoided like THE GHETTO around here!!!!! ANd IF Saban is un-ethical is has NUTIN to do with your beloved uat my man… ITS ALL ABOUT HIM

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    Saban is out recruiting and talking to high school juniors these days, which is against the rules. He’s going to trip himself up in the near future.

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    Kevin, you ignorant slut! We just had junior day at UAT like most schools, so stick to what you know about and have proof of, which is notta damn thing.

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