Nick Saban is afraid of Lane Kiffin!

Alabama commitments A.J. McCarron and Trent Richardson skipped visits to Tennessee in the developing war between Lane Kiffin and everyone else in the conference. Kiffin has already angered Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer and reportedly Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban.

According to Chris Low of ESPN, Meyer was angered over overtures to a Florida assistant as BCS national title preparations were underway, and Spurrier was angered as an assistant joining Kiffin’s staff from Spurrier’s staff allegedly used a South Carolina phone to make contact with recruits on behalf of Tennessee. Low speculates Saban responded to Kiffin’s hiring of Lance Thompson by asking commitments to stay away from Tennessee.

But Tennessee fans see it another way. The Knoxville News’ said Saban “seems to have a personal vendetta” against the Volunteers and Kiffin.

You have to love quality reporting like that. The Knoxville News isn’t known for outstanding journalism anyway—we shouldn’t expect anything but pandering to the mob.

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And what does the Tennessee mob have to say about Saban keeping commitments away from Knoxville? Here is a sampling from
vols_fan_n_tx writes: Saban’s a coward

LazhilUT writes: Saban knows that if those kids come over, they’ll pull their commitment because Kiffin and Co. are mastering this business very quick so far.

Outdors21 writes: I am pretty sure that Fulmer didn’t want guys who already verbally committed making official visits elsewhere. I am not sure he was this adamant about it, but I know he frowned upon it. I hate Saban.

1vol writes: I smell fear!!I’m glad Kiff tellls our boys to go look else where cause when they do come here they will take the orange to heart and work their tails off in the season and off season. I hate satan!!!!

tngl4ut writes: Saban is such a jerk. No wonder his assistants leave every year and very few follow him around from job to job. I really wonder if these recruits will have the backbone to make up their own mine and visit whatever school they wanted too. If they are good enough to get an offer from Bama then they are good enough to have plenty of other offers.

In summary, Volunteer fans hate Saban. Why do they hate Saban? They hate him because he knows how to beat them and how to recruit. Volunteer fans enjoyed beating the likes of Mike Shula and Mike Dubose; the days of beating weakened Alabama teams are gone. Today Volunteers are pinning their hopes on an inexperienced head coach and buffoons like Ed Orgeron.

I’m sure Nick Saban is worried. I’d be worried too. Who isn’t afraid of the brain trust of Kiffin and Orgeron?


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  1. 2

    big talk ..considering the Tide is on a two game losing streak …after getting there drawers yanked down by UTAH I would think Bama faithful would be too crimson faced to boast .

  2. 3

    Desperation makes you say stupid things. And Kiffin, beware. If The Knoxville News is right, and Saban does have a “personal vendetta”, it usually doesn’t bode well for you. For as he revealed during the Iron Bowl about Abarn, “I hate those &#@% #$@*. Five touchdowns and an extra point later, he made his point. And UT is already on the wrong side of two butt-kickings the last two years.

    I remember when we played LSU in 2003 in Tuscaloosa. Saban graciously let the score settle at 27-3, but he could have reached the 40’s with very little effort. Make all the jokes you want Abarn fans, but if you cross Saban, it just isn’t going to be a good day when you face him. I bet he hates Utah now. 🙂

  3. 5

    Majic73 u and the other barnies seem to forget how young this bama team was.Also look at the gators and how young they are and won N.C.So crimson faced to boast that we will be right in the thick of things again.While your sorry azzzzzz team rolls around in a big pile of horse shit just like this past year.So just sit back and watch a real football university at work called the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE smash aubbies azzz and the rest of the s.e.c again.ROLLL FUKING TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. 6

    36-0 and 5-7


    41-17/29-9 and 5-7

    Big talk considering your team lost seven games this past year and have been on a downward spiral ever since. After having your undies yanked by ALABAMA, you’d think the UT/AU faitful would be too orange faced to boast.

  5. 7
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Yall are really sounding like a bunch a queers. “you better not cross The Saban”……..Newsflash Bammers. The Saban is a mere mortal as the rest of us are. He is not Chuck Norris, Tim Tebow, or Jean Claude Van Dam…

  6. 9

    But Omni, Nick will always have players. He has significantly upped the recruit quality in just a few years. Auburn isn’t as much of a competition for the recruits Saban wants. It is Florida and LSU that is providing the most competition there. Auburn and Tennessee aren’t exactly lighting it up much with recruits with their new hires. I am sure they will get some good players, but Alabama, Florida, LSU and Georgia are the top teams in the SEC for recruiting the past few years, and it will translate to the field for the next few.

  7. 10

    I agree ballplay…geez, you bammers really do think the guy is immortal, dontcha? The guy is a heck of a coach, but you seriously think coaches at other schools should be careful not to pi$$ him off? As though Saban hasn’t had his own a$$ kicked by multiple td’s several times while coaching in the SEC. (that includes by Auburn, as well). I guess the Saban made the mistake of “crossing” all those coaches too, huh?

    P.S. ITK, your comment about Utah takes the absolute all time prize. Yeah, I’m sure those Utes are real intimidated by Saban right now after that little Sugar Bowl performance. By your rationale, I guess all teams should roll over and allow the Saban to win just to ensure that he won’t beat them by multiple td’s the next time he plays them.

  8. 12

    The last Iron Bowl victory for Bama doesn’t count because Auburn was in a weakened state due to the coaching turmoil.

  9. 13
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! If those dooshers could use the “weakened state” arguement for 6 straight years, surely we can use it for one.

  10. 14
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman……….Please leave your sexual endancies out of this thread. We really arent interested in your likes or dislikes in that area of your life.

  11. 15

    Auburn was in a weakened state? I say that they are back where they belong, which is where they have been for 90% of their existence. Auburn got rid of the best coach they have ever had. Will Chizik be able to live in the shadow of Tubbs? He will only have two shots at winning the Iron Bowl, and if he can’t get it done at least once, Auburn will be hiring another coach in 2 years.

    Auburn beat Bama 6 straight and it was on the field fair and square. It was not Auburns fault that Bama was in the shape that they were in. So they do count. It wasn’t Bama’s fault the SEC was down this year, but they took advantage of it, and Auburn couldn’t. But Auburn didn’t come close to beating the shite out of Bama once during that streak. Not like the 36-0 beating Auburn took this year. I tried to tell ya’ll the Golden Age of Auburn football is over. Enjoy your re-discovered mediocrity for a while.

  12. 16
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Answer me this Bamaman……..In the last 25 years, which team has 2 undefeated seasons. Not Alabama.

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