Croyle seen as ‘costly mistake’ for fired coach

Kansas City fired Herm Edwards and the pundits point to the failure of Brodie Croyle as one of the biggest mistakes of Edwards’ tenure. According to the AP story you can read embedded below, “Edwards’ most costly mistake may have been overlooking Brodie Croyle’s history of injuries and designating him as the foundation quarterback. A third-round pick out of Alabama in 2006, Croyle could never stay healthy and was 0-8 as a starter when he went down for the season with a knee injury.”

Below is the promised AP story:


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    It seems now that Brody’s Destiny (apologies to Darth) is to come back to Birmingham and take Jay’s “job ” ( apologies to anyone that makes an honest living) at WJOX radio. He can then bullshit and pontificate on his “fresh” view of the Bama Nation and pro football. Imagine this. Al Delgreco will have new competition on who can out bullshit each other and suck up to wealthy alumnus.
    Pass the Joint Tony .

  2. 2

    “Alumnus” is singular; “Alumni” is the plural for “Alumnus”.

    Brodie is just too brittle. He was built for tennis, not football. Maybe flag-football, but that’s about it. He has a cannon for an arm, and comes from a family that has done more good for orphaned children than possibly anyone in our lifetimes. But still, when he was drafted, I chuckled to myself. I knew Brodie was about to get paid, and if he played his cards right–once his career ended in a couple of years–he’d be set for a long time. Hopefully he didn’t blow all that cash because the ride appears to be over.

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    I lost 20 bucks and a DAMN PICTURE of his sorry ass hangs in my Office (With my daughter) to my Daughter when Brody even got drafted! I shoulda bet how he was gonna turn out.. But I didnt. He was a nice kid we sat at his table for dinner before the senoir bowl. But I didnt have the heart to tell him I didnt think he could make it in the big leagues, But I WAS right? AND ITK is a STUPID smarty pants!

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