Thompson facing contested divorce

Speculation gives way to facts in the defection of Lance Thompson to Tennessee.

When Thompson bolted to Tennessee he cited personal issues as one of the reasons for making the move. Ian R. Rapoport of the Birmingham News provided this insight into what was going on in Thompson’s life.

“Stacy Lynn Thompson, who has been married to Lance Thompson since 1990, cites irreconcilable differences in the paperwork filed on Jan. 8 with Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court. The couple has three children and lived together in Tuscaloosa until the unspecified time of their separation.”

According to Rapoport’s report, the divorce is contested with a hearing scheduled for February 2.


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    Geez, have we really become so freakin’ obsessed with all things college football that we’re reporting about an asst. coaches divorce proceedings???????? Get a #@%^’n life, Ian Rappaport. And Cappy, are you bammers really so damn worried that an asst. coach leaving might make the mighty Saban look bad that you feel like you’ve got to broadcast the details of the guy’s divorce on the internet? It’s no big deal, he wasn’t even a coordinator. Assts come and go, especially under Saban. He works them into the ground, they get great experience in the process, and they leave. That’s not a knock on him or Bama. Let the guy’s family go through the divorce proceedings in as much peace as possible.

  2. 3
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julios right. This kind of slander transcends fandom. Paul Finebaum is rippin him a new one. Talk about sour grapes. You Bammers just cant understand why someone woud leave you. Newsflash, he wanted to get out of town as quick as he could. It couldve been money, it couldve been Saban, it couldve been his maritial situation. Frankly, it shouldnt matter to yall. You didnt hear this much crap when Mushamp (the second def coordinator) bolted to Texas. did you ?

  3. 4

    Looks like doubling the man’s salary has his wife ready to reconcile as reported by Fox 6 news, it is not just Rappaport it is anybody with anything they can find to talk about with the drop-off of college games.

  4. 6

    No to all it is just the timing of him leaving with signing day just ahead.Divorce is a mean thing and that is what i think why he got out of town so quick and at the wrong time which is recruiting time.And yes u d here a bunch of crying from the aubies when Mushamp left for a whole dam month.So don’t say you did not..ROLL FUKING TIDE ALWAYS

  5. 7

    Aub would never dig up stuff and call you out for leaving unless your name is Terry Bowden. . . Aubs have a condition known as convenient memory

  6. 8

    Number 1 Bamaman, I don’t think anyone in the media was ever writing articles about Bowden’s marital woes, with the exception of Finebaum hinting that Bowden was messing around with his secretary. Like Finebaum’s a bastion of ethics in journalism. Secondly, there’s a little difference between the head coach at Bama or Auburn and a position coach. When you accept the position of head coach at either, it’s kinda like being governor or senator. You know you are constantly in the public eye (unless you’re Mike Price) and you’re expected to sacrifice a large portion of your privacy in the process. It’s not the for a freakin’ position coach. Oh sure, if the guy robs a liquor store or gets caught handing out cash to recuits it’s expected to be reported. But a position coach ought to be able to get divorced without having the media reporting on it.

  7. 9

    Julio, I would agree with you except for the fact that he is at a public university, in the public eye and it is public record regardless of his position. I cannot help the fact the media is reporting on it, but don’t think for a minute Aub would not have reported the same on Muschamp if this was the same circumstance at Aub when he left for a lateral move. I for one could care less about his marriage or lack thereof or anyone else’s marriage at Bama and certainly anybody’s at Aub.

  8. 11

    I dont care! All he did was take a BETTER job and for that Finebaum and every other bummer CRUCIFIED his ass becuase it was during recruiting. Its a business guys the man has a RIGHT to WORK and for you guys to throw his FAMILY into that mix was CLASSLESS. Be Honest if he had not left most of us would not know about his BIG D. It may have saved his marriage to leave bama and if it did it was the best thing he could do according to God,Man, and me but NOT BUMMERS! You classless bunch of sissy ass wannabes!! Maybe Ol finebaum will get a turn around on this one. He sure did make is family proud with the way he handled it.

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