Gottfried notches 80th SEC loss

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Mark Gottfried has a stellar SEC record.

Oh wait. No he doesn’t. Gottfried’s SEC record stands at 82-80. He notched his 80th SEC loss Wednesday night on the road at Mississippi State. For the record, David Hobbs posted an SEC record of 50-46 (.521).

Mississippi St. defeated Alabama 83-74. According to the AP, “Mikhail Torrance scored 20 points to lead the Tide. Alonzo Gee added 15 points, Senario Hillman had 12, and Jamychal Green chipped in 11.” More details from the AP follow below.


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    Actually, Gottfried’s overall record versus the SEC is below .500 (includes SEC tournament games). Heading in to this season, his record versus the SEC was 87 – 88 (according to the 2008 – 2009 media guide). Now, it is 88 – 89.

  2. 2

    Good point. In the SEC’s Guide it has the regular season and tournament listed separately. That SEC record 7-10.

    So, you are right. His record is even worse.

  3. 4

    what is really sickening is the spin coming from the gottfried butt sniffers now.

    well, we lost but not by what everyone thought we would lose by.

    wins – 10

    moral victories – 5

    losses – 0

    yes, we can!!!

  4. 5

    For the love of everything good, please let this be his last season leading our basketball program down the crap hole.

    It was truly disappointing to see LSU fall to us. Just proves that there are two programs in the SEC right out of the gate that aren’t worth anything.

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