Alabama’s QB race (outsiders view)

Alabama fans are looking forward to the new signal caller in 2009. But is that such a good thing? One of our regular readers (and an Auburn fan) offers a healthy dose of skepticism about Alabama’s quarterback outlook.

Julio wrote:
See, you (Tide fans) really don’t even want to acknowledge the obvious. You think (John Parker Wilson) JPW sucked and he won’t be missed?? You think McElroy is going to be instantly better?? Newsflash kids…if McElroy were already better than JPW, he’d have been the starter this year. I don’t think Saban stuck with JPW because he’s such a sentimental guy that he thought a senior deserved to play over a sophomore. If Saban thought he had even a half percent better chance of winning with McElroy than he did with JPW, then JPW would have been riding the pine all season.

In fact, let me remind you (Tide fans) what Saban said last summer in response to a question about a potential qb race/controversy for the 08 season: “Every time a Tide fan puts their head on their pillow, they ought to hope and pray that John Parker has a good year. Because the best chance that we have to have a good team and have a good season rests on the fact that he’s a two-year starter and he’s improved as a quarterback and played with more consistency.” Yeah, that statement just oozes with confidence in McElroy.

P.S. That’s not to say that McElroy won’t be any good. In fact, I think he’s got a lot of potential. But there’s a learning curve involved with all new qb’s, and some take a lot longer than others. GM will get his trial by fire in the Georgia Dome against Va Tech.

Julio has some good words there that fans should remember. Experience is a big factor in quarterback play. Lack of experience doesn’t mean Alabama won’t have a good year next season, but having a senior quarterback was a big plus in 2008. Agree or disagree with Julio’s thoughts?
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