Report: Coffee to enter NFL draft

The Rap Sheet reports Alabama running back Glen Coffee will enter the NFL draft. Coffee posted impressive stats in 2008 and was the Tide’s MVP for the season. What happens next for Alabama’s running game? According to the report, His decision leaves sophomore-to-be Mark Ingram, who gained 728 yards on the ground, as the leading returning running back. Committed five-star running back Trent Richardson of Pensacola, Fla., should he stay true on his pledge, could also compete for the spot.”

Roy Upchurch could also figure into the rotation depending no how he recovers from his recent surgery.


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    This is as bad a decision as Santonio Beard leaving early and Rod Grizzard bolting to the NBA after his junior year. I know the offensive line will undergo a transformation next year, but keep in mind it’s this staff that made it what it was. With the talent already there and the talent coming in, Coffee’s line would have been fine next year. I hate to see him go, but as much for his sake as for ours. I may have seen him carry the rock in a game for the last time.

    But in a related story, bring on Trent Richardson…and hopefully Upchurch gets healthy!

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    Jose Cruz

    “but keep in mind it’s this staff that made it what it was…..”

    The staff didn’t make the oline look very good in the sugar bowl. We’re kidding ourselves if you think the line will be nearly as good next year. You don’t replace all-americans, first team sec.

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    Ol Henry

    Look for new all americans to emerge next year after working their spots together as a group for a few games, 5 star Tyler Love, Mike Johnson, Boswell, Davis, DJ Fluker, junior college transfer James Carpenter, we will be fine

  4. 4

    Thank you Ol Henry; that was my point. We didn’t look good in the Sugar Bowl Jose because the replacements on the line didn’t have January-August to prepare, practice and jell. There will be drop off, yes. But it might not be as steep as some think/hope.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    O- lineman are hardly ever reloadable. That is a postion that requires experience to be great at. Yall will NOT have as good of an o-line. Nor as good of a rushing attack. Period. But you may have a better passing attack. Wait and see.

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    Ballplay, after holding a 96th ranking in passing offense, that won’t be hard to break, JPW was just not an accurate passer, he got lucky every now and again, but even Kodi did that and I am convinced he will never make a good qb, you have to have it from the neck up not just the neck down

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