Final AP Poll: Tide #6

AP: Alabama’s loss to Utah dropped the Crimson Tide to No. 6 in the final poll.

The SEC placed teams at #1 Florida, #6 Alabama, #13 Georgia and #14 Ole Miss (which probably should have been ranked higher with the strong finish to the Rebels’ season). Take a look at the final AP poll below.


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    So we started the season unranked in one poll and #25 in another, and finished in the top ten with our only two losses coming to the #1 and #2 teams, respectively. Yeah, I’d say this was a good year. And I’ll say it again, this is the second least talented team Saban will have at Alabama. Pretty good to be a ‘Bama alum these days.

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    Ol Henry

    If the utes wood sheded AL, what is the proper analogy for what AL did to AU? “Took them to the wood shed and burned it down with em it” btw, where did Au finish in the polls? They only posted the top 100

  3. 5

    And look for a similar beating in Jordan Hare this November. Saban hates Auburn. Translation? He won’t lose to them again, at least under the Chizik regime. That’s funny just to hear yourself say aloud, “The Chizik Regime.”

    Aubies, YOU HIRED GENE CHIZIK!!!! I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

  4. 6

    Ya know what the worst thing a man can do is? Put his faith in another man!

    It only brings disappointment! You can trust noone like your self. Just So you know Saban cannot control the game to the point as you give him credit. No
    coach can Ask Joe Pa or Daddy Bowden!
    But as sure as the sun rises Saban will let you guys down…..

    And you know when you were a kid and someone janked on you for something and you looked guy and said “I know I am but Look at you” its really ub-attractive!
    uat BEAT OUR ASS! UTES did the same thing to uat…see what I mean!


  5. 8
    Ol Henry

    If my team is going to get beat, I would much rather have a 31-17 than a 36-0, I understand they are both losses but the latter is just plain embarassing and that bammer looks like Brad Pitt compared to most of the inbred barnies I know

  6. 9


    Tell me where you live Henry cause I know your full of shitz! uat has the most inbred fanbase among CF fans! One reason is your FB is HUGE!! But true if you will admit it! But you want. None of you will,its your nature!
    You can bet that one…. for every kid rock wanna be Aubbie there at 8 of bammers. Just my analysis over my lifetime.

  7. 12

    Yea Right. Ya wanna know the reason I dont have a SECond thought about rippin asses on here? You guys are full of the DooDoo juice thats why. There is rarely a sensible conversation between bammers,much less when one of us Aubbies gets in one!

    I just may make a point to put up a site called www. and point it out to ya OLD HENRY!!

  8. 13
    Ol Henry

    Well I will tell you Omnipresent I am seventy eight years old and have seen and done things you have only read in your school history book so don’t try to teach this ol dog a new trick and why would you want to frequent a site so much that rarely has sensible conversation? Is it because you get your jollies thinking you rip asses? You are a legend only in your own mind.

  9. 14

    I hear ya Henry Once again your assuming your the only DOG on this planet and You know me! I promise if I died 2day theres not much I would wish I had done. Im 42 been around the world,seen and done things most folks wish they coulda done. Its not just in my mind either. But congradulations on BEATING life my Friend! I mean that! I dont know why I still come here I think its kinda like the lady I seen in Holland with 3 breasts I just could not quit looking ya know? Anyway Sir, I would get no pleasure in RIPPIN your ass and from now on I wont even try. You remind me of My PAW PAW…. Intelligent and Cantankerous.
    Good Day Sir! AND WAR DAMN EAGLE!! Oh yea do you really live in Opelika?


  10. 15

    Oh! I started coming here becuase SHANE pimps this site like a 2 dollar HOOKER!
    I just had to see what the hype was about… and I couldnt leave 2 headed goat ya know!

  11. 16
    Ol Henry

    I will concede to the type person I remind you of, that is probably so. I will also concede I don’t live in Opelika just trying to be funny to one of your responses, also how boring would this site be if everyone agreed? I guess the same would apply on an Auburn website. I am just thankful to know what a website is at my age.

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