Tim Brando vs. Auburn fan

A reader sent this via email last night (I was tardy checking email so just posting the YouTube now.) In case you missed the verbal confrontation between Tim Brando and an Auburn fan on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show, someone prepared this handy YouTube. Enjoy.


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    Ya know that was ENternaining but before you guys RIP on AUburn fans..Take a look at that video you post on here to the right called POOR ALABAMA REDNECK or look up COWBOY and Brotherman now thats BAMMERS IN THE FLESH even you PROFESSIONAL BAMMERS !

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    Omni, you better worry about your team rather than ‘Bama. Trey Blackmon just left today, joining Jerrad Powers and your big DL Marks. Seems your players, after seeing the lousy coach that’s been brought in, are jumping ship. Like Brando said, the next 2-3 years in auburn will be HELL! ROTFLMAO!!!!

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    My post didnt have anything to with YOUR TEAM COACH!!

    I am sorry NONE beat that IDIOT COWBOY!
    SORRY but ol boy is just funny! But you gotta love a website THATS AUbessesed!

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    Brando lost his cool with the Auburn fan, and as a professional willingly entering that kind of public forum, that wasn’t okay. But what he said was right. It IS going to be miserable being an Auburn fan the next few years. Listen, we Bama fans have been down the road of wishful thinking with inept coaches and players in place. Let me tell you, looking for silver linings gets old. We finally had to ante up, get a coach our alumni, trustees and boosters couldn’t faze, and get some grade A talent (though stars don’t matter) in there. The result, 12-2, a #6 finish (among some 119 programs) and a recruiting tractor beam called Nick Saban. I know my Auburn friends on here will immediately attack me for saying what I’m about to say, knowing who I’m affiliated with. But don’t shoot the messenger here: all data points to the fact that Auburn is going to SUCK for a while. And if you’re a good recruit, why in the world would you want to go there? I mean, besides wanting to perfect your chop-blocking skills?

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    This just in, this just in! Rueben Randle grants Auburn a token visit for rewarding Turner Gill with a token interview. . .

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    You guys keep talking about chop blocks.
    But go back and look at bowlgame and the disgrace Bama showed with the after play attacks and cheap shots they were taking at the UTES for BEATING that ASS!

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    ITK, I agree that was ridiculous for Brando to lose his cool like that, especially over nothing more than an anonymous caller on a radio show. Geez, does he not even realize how ridiculous and unprofessional he made himself look? Can you imagine Herbstreit having a meltdown like that over a freakin’ caller to a radio show???

    We’ll see about Auburn’s future for the next few years. I’m not gonna search for the silver lining, but I’m not become a total pessimist, either. Auburn’s got plenty of talent on defense right now, even with Powers and Marks leaving. Fannin and Tate are good backs, they just need something resembling a passing threat to keep defenses from stacking the box against them. What it boils down too is whether Malzahn can develop Burns (or somebody else) into a competent qb, and whether soemebody can finally get a couple of these receivers to step up. Terrell Zachary, Tim Hawthorne, Phillip Pierre Louis, somebody. The million dollar question is qb and receivers. That’s where we’ll see if Malzahn is all he’s touted to be. I have no idea if he’ll be able to pull it off or not. I’m just gonna sit back and hope.

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    Tim Brando

    Of course if I were putting a redneck bammer in his place instead of an inbred barnie I would look highly professional and like a genius, all I did was kept him from talking over me and stated the fact Lowder, Dye and company look like complete idiots for paying a coach 5 million and firing him to hire an UNPROVEN SUCCESSFUL coach even if he did suffer the worst beatdown in 42 years by a team that got beat by the utes, oh yeah they finished 2nd in the country btw.

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