More political BS about the BCS

First the Utah attorney general announced plans to investigate the BCS on antitrust grounds, now there is a Texas congressman promoting legislation to end the BCS and create a college football playoff. According to this AP story (see it below): There’s no way you can say that whoever wins tonight’s game is demonstrably better than USC, Texas or Utah,” Barton said in a telephone interview a few hours before Thursday’s kickoff. Barton, a graduate and fan of Texas A&M and the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, argued that billing the game a national championship is “patently deceptive.” His legislation would prevent the NCAA from doing so unless the game culminates from a playoff system.

If you think the BCS is a joke get ready for an even bigger joke when politicians decide the format. Read the entire AP story below as you get ready for the Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma Sooners.