More political BS about the BCS

First the Utah attorney general announced plans to investigate the BCS on antitrust grounds, now there is a Texas congressman promoting legislation to end the BCS and create a college football playoff. According to this AP story (see it below): There’s no way you can say that whoever wins tonight’s game is demonstrably better than USC, Texas or Utah,” Barton said in a telephone interview a few hours before Thursday’s kickoff. Barton, a graduate and fan of Texas A&M and the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, argued that billing the game a national championship is “patently deceptive.” His legislation would prevent the NCAA from doing so unless the game culminates from a playoff system.

If you think the BCS is a joke get ready for an even bigger joke when politicians decide the format. Read the entire AP story below as you get ready for the Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma Sooners.

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    The BCS, and Division I football as a whole for that matter are an absolute sham. I can’t believe I love this game as much as I do. D-I football is just a rung or two on the ladder up from professional wrestling. Utah or USC could beat Florida. Auburn could have beaten USC in 2004. But our champion gets decided by the opinions and equations of pollsters and computers. Ridiculous.

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