Utah AG investigates BCS; should go after NCAA

Does the BCS violate antitrust laws? Utah’s attorney general Mark Shurtleff thinks so. He told the AP, “We’ve established that from the very first day, from the very first kickoff in the college season, more than half of the schools are put on an unlevel playing field,” Shurtleff said Tuesday. “They will never be allowed to play for a national championship.”

Shurtleff shouldn’t stop there. The NCAA could likewise be challenged on antitrust grounds as it has complete control over the NCAA basketball tournament. The NCAA seeds teams in the tournament giving elite schools preferred seeding over smaller conference schools. It is unfair and certainly isn’t a level playing field.

Maybe not.

The only thing worse than college academics controlling the BCS is the prospect of politicians, lawyers and judges being involved in the system.

You can read the entire AP report on Utah’s quixotic attempt to change the BCS.