Terrence Cody for Heisman

Terrence Cody photo by Southern Sports Media

It is time for a defensive lineman to win
How many Heisman Trophy winners hailed from the University of Alabama Crimson Tide?


Not Joe Namath. Not Bart Starr. Not Kenny Stabler. Not any of those legendary names etched into concrete under Denny Chimes.

Bias? Who knows. But it is an inequity that should be corrected. While Heisman voters correct that inequity, we have a humble proposal that should help correct another inequity—favoritism of offensive skill players.

Here’s the solution: Alabama Crimson Tide Nose Tackle Terrence Cody should be a leading candidate for the 2009 Heisman Trophy.

There were many important players in the 2008 revival of the Tide. Coach Nick Saban praised the effort and attitude of the entire team; it would be difficult to single out one player as the catalyst of Alabama’s success. But there were themes evident this past year. Namely, the offensive and defensive lines propelled the Crimson Tide to 12 wins and the SEC Western Division crown.

On the lines you could single out players like Andre Smith, Antoine Caldwell and Terrence Cody as important cogs. In 2009 Caldwell graduates and Smith likely bolts for the NFL.

But what about Cody? On Thursday he told the press he had decided to return. He cited a desire to improve his technique and gain strength in his knee.

That is big for next year’s defense. Cody earned first team All-America honors from the Associated Press, Sporting News, FWAA, and AFCA; he won second team honors from Walter Camp.

Everyone recognizes the important role Cody fills in Alabama’s 3-4 defense. He can change a game. And how often do you say that about a lineman? Alabama wouldn’t be the same without him. Isn’t finding the best player about more than just big stats and scoring touchdowns?

It is time Heisman voters stopped looking at flashy numbers and started looking in the trenches. Cody would be a great place to start searching for a new type of Heisman winner.

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  1. 2

    Cmon now? You have to look at the Player

    Does Cody single handedly win games?

    Does he single handedly carry a team?

    Will it ever be that he could do what he does on a line alone?

    Great Player?

    NOT A Heisman.. Maybe one day one of those 5 star atheletes you guys covet will? Julio? I do think hes your best shot it in 2 more years…Maybe Ingram!
    Dont worry like Saban you will get a Heisman Winner to brag upon!


  2. 4


    Ummm…all 13?

    He single handedly forced all 13 opponents so far to think about their attack OUTSIDE the tackle box, because they knew going inside was out.

    That changes the game, and by coming back, Mt. Cody will etch his name in Crimson glory for as long as Bama football exists!

  3. 5

    He didn’t play in 13 games there slick.although he’s the best nose guard I’ve seen in a while, his stats won’t allow him to do it. When woodson won he also returned kicks and may have played some offense.great player ,but not a heisman candidate. Now Julio’s another story. He doesn’t even need a good QB to put up big numbers.

  4. 6


    Cmon now I wasnt being nothing but objective and truthful.Ya see Sir without the other 3 guys on the line,
    well he wouldnt have made them think much and LSU had his number so thats one he didn’t change. But I said it in my 1st post
    HES A GREAT D-LINEMAN!! pray for Julio though to bring ya the Heisman 😉


  5. 7

    Since it kills the Aubs to bring up his name, I will just say the greatest coach that ever lived said “Our players don’t win heismans, our teams win National Championships”

  6. 8

    You keep telling yourself that bamaman!
    YOur LYing and you know it,thats an excuse and if Julio we’er to win it you or your buddies couldn’t/wouldn’t shut up about it…its kewl I aint pulling on ya Im telling the truth and if you wont admit your pride of a Heisman your lying!
    And I have a 3 books about the man whose name I hate to hear 😉 stupid bammer!

  7. 9

    Omni, you just don’t understand, since that is all Aub has you think it is something greater than it is and I ain’t lying about that, I want a NC for the team not a heisman for one player. Andre got the Outland for the greatest lineman in the nation, that’s great but you haven’t heard me say anything about it, but I bet if you ask Andre which he would rather have he would say a NC. And like the great internet verbal assassin claims “don’t start nothin and there won’t be nothin” stupid Aubbie.

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