Early Bird: Tide 2009 preseason #2

Before the Sugar Bowl has even been played, fans are already speculating about Alabama’s 2009 season. NationalChamps.net has released its Early Bird preseason poll and the names atop the poll are familiar. Florida is tabbed number one; Alabama ranks number two.

How accurate is this early bird ranking? According to NationalChamps.net website, “The NationalChamps.net Early Bird Preview has predicted almost the same Top 10 the official AP Poll puts out eight months later in August. If you want to see what next year’s 2009 Preseason Poll will look like, check out the Early Bird Preview. The process of selection is not that difficult if you know what pollsters look for. We give you most of that information now.”

Among the site’s predictions for Alabama, the Tide should have a strong defense and strength at receiver thanks to Julio Jones. Problems for the Tide include rebuilding the offensive line with the graduation and NFL losses. The biggest question is quarterback.

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    #2 would be too high. I hope they could be in the top 10, but not #1 or #2 right off the bat. Not with starting a new QB and half of the O-Line.

  2. 5

    Julio, the rest of the inbred losers on that site are all Auburn graduates, btw where is Auburn going to be preseason ranked in 09? Oh, sorry they only post the top twenty five, get used to it cellar dwellar.

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