VIDEO: Siran Stacy’s Journey of Hope

Depression, loneliness and anger were emotions experienced over the last year by former Alabama Crimson Tide standout Siran Stacy, but that has been replaced by a sense of purpose. “God has not finished with me,” Stacy said in an interview with NBC 13 in Birmingham. “He has something else for me.” This video from WVTM-TV provides a revealing perspective on how the tragic accident has changed Stacy’s life.

For a more detailed account of Siran Stacy’s life following the death of his wife and four of his five children, the Philadelphia Daily News has a heartbreaking account.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    There are thing waaaayyy more important than football. This is one of them. God bless Siran Stacy, and I hope that he does fullfill his purpose. God has a way of turning bad into good.

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