Shane: Thoughts on Chizik

By Shane from Centerpoint
I am told by my source that Jimmy Rane, Pat Dye and Jay Jacobs are going to choose the asst. coaching staff. Gene Chizik is the only candidate who would agree to this type of deal, thus he got the job. He also said they are bringing Rodney Garner back.

If this is true, these three are setting Chizik up as a puppet for their agenda. Also, Rane is a trustee. Isn’t trustee involvement exactly why SACCS brought the hammer down on the Tigers recently. Some say that Rane has always wanted to coach anyway. A move of this nature would also confirm the amount of power Dye still possesses within the Auburn football program.

Nevertheless, it will be revealing to see who is added to the staff. What’s next? Is Dye going to hire Wayne Hall to run his defense?

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