Shane: Thoughts on Chizik

By Shane from Centerpoint
I am told by my source that Jimmy Rane, Pat Dye and Jay Jacobs are going to choose the asst. coaching staff. Gene Chizik is the only candidate who would agree to this type of deal, thus he got the job. He also said they are bringing Rodney Garner back.

If this is true, these three are setting Chizik up as a puppet for their agenda. Also, Rane is a trustee. Isn’t trustee involvement exactly why SACCS brought the hammer down on the Tigers recently. Some say that Rane has always wanted to coach anyway. A move of this nature would also confirm the amount of power Dye still possesses within the Auburn football program.

Nevertheless, it will be revealing to see who is added to the staff. What’s next? Is Dye going to hire Wayne Hall to run his defense?

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    As an Alabama fan I was shocked Auburn would go this route. This is Auburn’s version of Mike Dubose. Auburn had gotten to the point where they were a top 15 program year in and year out. They could have gotten any number of coaches from successful programs. Instead of learning from the past (BAMA), they duplicated it. I’m not going to gloat because I know what it feels like to be down for a decade. And I have Auburn friends. Not to mention my sister pulls for the Tigers. Auburn fans unite because only your voice will be able to change things. Good Luck, you will need it.

  2. 2

    CRAZY! This hire really blows my mind.

    The only thing the Auburn faithful can do is the same thing The Alabama faithful did for so many years (Dubose-Shula). HOPE.

    It doesnt’ look good (just as it didn’t with Bama up until Saban), but you never know what might happen.

    Good luck to Auburn. Going through something like this is never fun (Bama fans know this).

  3. 3

    ummmm, Shane….a guy you heard calling in on WJOX while you were sitting on the crapper this morning does not qualify as a “source”.

  4. 4

    Julio, the typical Auburn fan. Two Bama fans post nice messages telling the Auburn people to keep the faith and this is what we get from the Barn. Will the real Auburn fans call this guy out.

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    News Reporter


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I think Chizik is an excellent defensive coordinator. But as a head coach ? I just dont know . It could come back to haunt us.

  7. 9

    Allow me to elaborate.

    The SEC is, consistently, the greatest conference in college football. We need all of our teams to be strong, if possible: strong competition is what makes us better, and we don’t need that to slip. Our teams getting into big bowls generates a lot of money for our schools, and it’s in our best interest as community members to keep this going.

    Nothing in football pleases me more than seeing Auburn get their fannies kicked by my school, but I refuse to have some Big 10 or Pac 1 + 9 fans come along and talk smack about my SEC brothers or our conference, and that is exactly what is going to happen with this hire. We might be against each other when we’re face-to-face, but I will pull for SEC all the way against all outsiders.

    Chizik had better bring the funk. SEC fans will NEVER hear the end of it otherwise.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    This will come back to haunt the Tigers. I think it wasnt too good of a move. Hopefully Il be wrong. But guys. To the victors go the spoils and all…..But come on. Yall were good this year for one reason , and only one reason. Nick Saban. Not because of your pedigree. Coaching is what made yall good this year. If it were your pedigree, then you would be playing someone beside Utah in the bowl. You remember them , right ? The Fighting Utes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 11

    Chizic is a silly hire. Aubs will be irrelevant in SEC West for next 5 years. Cupboard is bare and there is no way this Gomer is going to bring in even a top 25 class.
    Garner would be a fool to come back.

    Took Tubby a few years but he broke it off in Lowder and came out smelling like a 5 Million dollar bouquet of Roses!

  10. 12

    The real question….Was Iowa State a dead end program with no chance of success? Based upon Chizik’s defensive coordinator experience, he’s done way more than Muschamp. Hopefully his stint in Iowa turns out to be kinda like Saban’s stint in Miami. We will see.

  11. 13

    Are you really comparing Sabans stint at Miami in the NFL with Chizic at (where was it?)

    Yes we will see. Have you evaluated the current talent at Auburn? They are at least 2 top 10 recruiting classes from even being close to competing with the upper echelon of the West. (which by the way is way behind East in SEC) God forbid they have 2 or 3 classes as projected this year.

    Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and probably Kentucky are better than the Aubs. LSU, Ole Miss and Alabama are up on Aub in West. I am not sure about Arkansas and UT so Aub has to beat MSU and Vandy to stay out of the cellar of the conference. By the way UT and MSU had better head coaching hires than Aubs.

  12. 14

    What happened to “we will see?”

    I don’t hate this for the barney’s in any way. All the crap we endured for the Price debacle. Maybe I missed out on something, but what or who made Chizik a barney? Was it Tubberville? And this is the right man. The man that man him a barney was fired, and those nimrods can not come up with a better hire than a coach he hired.

    Dubose and Shula were BAMA men. This hire is an outside in outside in and then out again circus. The hole will most likely get deeper.

    Big fight in the west, barney’s, lswho, and state for the cellar dweller.

    You new barneys get use to what you are at heart. Jealous little brothers that will never be anything like the Champions to the north, but credit should be given for making an attempt. Ha! Ha!

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    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! Shane makes an interesting point; apparently Pat Dye still has a BIG say as to how things are handled concerning the hirings & firings within the athletic department at the Village. Wayne Hall could possibly be the next defensive coordinator but we will have to wait & see. He would be a great re-hire simply because he played for Alabama during the Bryant Era. Remember Ken Donahue? He was the Bear’s defensive coordinator and was a GREAT ONE, to say the least. I STILL SAY that GARY PATTERSON should have been seriously considered but obviously he wasn’t.

  14. 17
    Mike G

    While I personally think Auburn made a blunder I can think of a couple coaches that were under heavy criticism coming into a program that needed life. Bama fans may not remember but most of you guys were not real excited about Gene Stallings with his losing record coming on the scene…and when he lost his first 3 games you were all ready to swing the hatchet. Now he is probably the 2nd most endeared coach in Alabama history. A better one is Pete Carroll. Fired from the Jets then the Patriots, Mike Garrett was almost run out of town as athletic director for hiring Carroll. Pete was the 4th choice had a losing record after 8 games his first year. You know the rest of the story. He is the winningest coach in college football for the last 8 years. I don’t think that Gene Chizik is a Pete Carroll or Gene Stallings type but it will be fun to watch. I don’t see how Rodney Gardner would be enticed to come back to his Alma Mater with the loyalty card. If he’s forgetten how Alma Maters treat coaches he needs to call Kurt Crane or Mike Shula. Bottom line is he has to recruit, then if he happens to be able to recruit, he has to be able to coach. He has a rather large jury so I hope he and especially his kids have a thick skin.
    And by the way Southern Cal is the best team in the nation but will not play for the title. A real shame!

  15. 18
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I dont know where the ” cupboard is bare ” arguement is coming from.The cupboard is not bare at Auburn. Thats just the knee jerk reaction you get when you have a bad season. I would argue that our unior and senior classes are way more talented than Bama. I thin we will have nearly 40 juniors tis year. Look it up 35 -37 or something. We will have a killer defense.Write it down. The only places where the cupboard is bare are at some skill positions. Quaarterback/runninback/wide reciever. Our O-line will be light years better with a running offense. The spread nearly killed our Offensive line play last year.

    Again, we have decent talent. What we have lacked is coaching.I dont know if we will have that his year or not. I guess we will see.

  16. 20

    Auburn is going to take a PR hit and it will last into the next football season. Chizik will be compared with Turner Gill all year. The Auburn fanbase will be fractured if Chizik is slow in rebuilding. Heck, it is fracturing right now. Recruiting will take a hit this year because of the racist perception the national media is painting Auburn. To all the Auburn fans that enjoyed watching the train wreck that happened at Bama: Karma sucks for you now doesn’t it? Hold up them fingers proudly. You see how much 6 in a row means now I’ll bet.

  17. 21

    Auburn learned nothing from history. Alabama did everything wrong for a decade and now Auburn is repeating those mistakes. Stupid is as stupid does. And comparing Chizik to Saban at Miami and Carroll at the Jets is a joke. Pro and college are night and day. Everybody knows this guy will fail just like everybody knew Dubose would.

  18. 22
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I agree Brando……recruiting will suffer big time.And Wayne…….We should have learned from you guys.

  19. 23

    I hope he doesnt fail but i dont have confidence he wont. I do know that he has a STABLE to work with and if he does well we will be ok.DO not compare this guy to Turner Gill that is CRAZY!

  20. 24
    Mike G

    “Florida would stomp Southern Cal”?? That would be amazing to see. I think a SC/Fl game would be much like the bama/Fl game in Atlanta. Bama had to play perfect to win and almost did. That game was one of the highlights of the year as far as great high level competition. I actually thought Alabama was going to pull it off. Florida has a great team but they would be the first to say they had rather play Oklahmoma than Southern Cal. It would be a fun game to watch because neither team would stomp the other. SC is better much like Florida was better than bama. The future is incredibly bright for bama fans with Saban’s intelligence, recruiting ability and coahing style. I fully expect to see a SC/Bama match up in a couple years. Finally Chizik was hired because AU couldn’t get who they really wanted. They settled on 4th or 5th choice. If he works out they are heros. If he doesn’t they fire him and hire the one they really wanted in the first place. If they hire Turner Gill and he can’t beat Bama they are faced with firing a black coach in the south which fans the flames of racism. Pete Carroll was 4th choice at SC and happened to work out. If Chizik pulls off a miracle all will be forgotten and forgiven and nobody will be willing to admit they were wrong. that’s how pride works.

  21. 25

    Don’t forget the Bear’s 1-9 record his first year at Texas A & M…..

    This is all just wishful thinking–Bammers want Chizik to fail, Aubies hope he succeeds. We will all know who’s right soon enough.

  22. 26

    bamasgreat did you figure that out all by yourself? I would have thought all the bammers would have wanted to get beat by Chizik every year by at least 36-0

  23. 27

    YA rekon yourmamasux? Getting beat by anybody at Auburn Messes you guys up so bad you resort to childish namebanging!
    And Florida is gonna have their hands full with Oklahoma… hate to say it but its true I dont think FL is gonna win it
    I think bama woulda had a better chance! But I dont think bamma can beat USC this year either so go figure!

  24. 28
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Mike……We will agree to disagree. USC makes me sick to my stomach. Isnt Snoop doggidy dog the Defensive coordinator ? They havent played as a team since Bush/Leinarts sophmore years. An entire team of premaddonas. Florida is a team led by the greatest quarterback in CFB history. They would KILL USC IMO !!!!!

    Omni, dude, are you serious ? Chokelahoma plays in a conference with absolutely NO defense whatsoever. They will get punched in the mouth so hard by Floridas defense in the first quarter , they will not recover. IMO. You know what they say about opinions though dont you ? They are like buttholes, everybody has one , and everyone elses stinks. Im tinking Florida 45- Chokelahoma 21…….

  25. 30
    Mike G

    I agree that Teebow is the best player in college football and it made me sick to see him not get the Heisman. I guarantee if you ask any coach who would they pick as thier first choice Teebow would be the selection hands down…and further I would actually be pulling for the Gators but ya know it really doesn’t matter.. they’re not gonna play. I do know this. With Auburn Tennessee and LSU on the slippery slope it appears that Bama, Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss and even South Carolina will mop up on recruiting. I’ll refrain from speaking of Southern Cal since we have no hope of a play off. Does anyone agree with me that Larry Blakeney being forced to cover for Dye has wrecked his chances for a job in the big arena. He can flat out recruit and coach. No doubt in my mind that Blakeney would have been much better than Cheezenick.

  26. 31
    Bingo! Charley

    As an Alabama fan, I have better things to do than concern myself with what Auburn does. Didn’t we complain about Auburn fans always concerning themselves with Alabama? Let Auburn do what they feel is best for Auburn. We are Alabama and what we do determines the fate of our rivalary, regardless of what Auburn does. Roll Tide

  27. 33

    Shane, heard you on PFRN today. For the record, I agree with you–ESPN is stoking the fire on this racism thing to get ratings … even if it was racism. They don’t give a rat’s patoot about the inequity of black coach hires (if they did, they wouldn’t have signed the big contract to broadcast SEC teams–SEC now has zero black coaches) Finebaum is drunk on the koolaid. Having said that, I believe the hire was at best boneheaded. And if Auburn did not hire Gill because his wife is white, then God help us … we are lost and, therefore, LOSERS. Jacob owes the Auburn nation a definitive statement debunking this myth if it is a myth (MAN UP, JJ!!!). Having said all that, I believe that Auburn chose the most unqualified coach of the reported candidates to lead its program. It so happens that two of the better qualified were black. AU administration wasn’t racist, they were stupid. Just as the BCS jilted AU in 2004 for an opportunity that I don’t believe I will ever again see in my lifetime, AU jilted history by passing over an extremely qualified black man to finally shatter this unfounded myth of racism being the exclusive trait of the South. I am a Gill man. Gill would have steamrolled the stereotype, because a quality coach at Auburn can beat the Alabamas, the Georgias, and the Floridas and the LSUs. Now, Chizik may do it … and we will win championships. Had Gill been given the opportunity, we would have made history. Auburn had a royal Flush … and folded when Alabama showed a pair of aces. Don’t know about you, but I can’t remember who won the BCS five years ago … but I do remember Jackie Robinson.

  28. 34

    Do not care, but the entertainment level is good,

    The jealous rage of all barneys at all levels gets in the way of rational thinking. To fire a coach with that made a rash decision to try the spread due to his insecurities and then a hire someone with a ten game losing streak, that should be all to say about the current direction on the plains.

    If racism has one thing to do with the hire at uburn, why interview a black man at all? If racism is to ever be extinct, it will never be an excuse for being looked over. Turner Gill is young and I doubt anyone running their mouths about him being the best hire has had a conversation with him. Did anyone know who Turner Gill was last year? He beat Ball State for the MAC 10 championship and that would make him a great coach in the SEC. We know all about Buffalo football. Why not Jeff Bowers? How many times did he win conference USA and beat BAMA and uburn. You people are not rational.

    Chizik has a past at uburn, and he does not like Tubberville. Maybe that was all that was needed for the powers at be since the hire they had wished for would not come. Most people would much prefer to hire someone they have worked with in the past than someone that just looks good on paper. There is much difference in history and resumes. History has few surprises.

    It comes down the this. Muschamp, Borges, Chizik, and Petrino made tubbs look good. Some have enough mental capabilities to understand what has being going on at uburn for the past ten years. Others are pouring on for ratings and others are simple minded fools fueled by jealousy.

    If you drop something and leave it alone, it has a better chance of dying than you picking it up for a hail mary.
    It is almost dead. Quit petting it.

  29. 35
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    shaker…….What qualifies Gill ? The 8-5 record ? The MAC championship ? His three years of coaching in a crap conference ? What ? Oh yeah, I know,,, hes black. The double standard on racial sterotyping has reached a new level. If Turner Gill were white, we wouldnt be haveing this discussion. Period. Why wasnt it brought up when Tennessee passed on him ? Syracuse ? etc….. Oh yeah,,,,because they are not Auburn. They are not in Alabama…….Thats all it boils down to. That and people like Shane and Paul Finebaum who exploit situations like these for personal profit.Paul Finebaum stoked this fire until ESPN saw it. Hes a jackass with absolutely no remorse. And lets get something straight. I dont think Chizik is the man either. But hes got miles of experience on Gill. Hes coached in the SEC. Hes an excellent defensive coordinator. Gill doesnt know what a defense is. Chizik has coached in SEC and National Championship games. He knows the level of compitiion he will face. Gill doesnt have a clue. But all that said , I still dont think that Chizik is the quy.Is record at Iowa sould have disqualified him. I dont care how bad they were when he got there.

    And for all we know, the President Lowder hires him to get through a couple bad years until we can get the man that we need. Who knows ?

    And before I catch the crap, I have no agenda against Gill. Hes just VERY unqualified. IMO. Thats all. But he may be the next Vince Lombardi for all I know. I hope hes very succesfull in all he does.

  30. 36

    Auburnisajoke … I believe we are in violent agreement. I’m not a civil rights apologist, and indeed, it is “a black thing I don’t understand.” All I know is that I have lived this unending “you southerners are racists” tit-for-tat all my life, and I grow weary of it because, for my part, it has no basis (and I suspect it has none for you as well). My preference for Gill is strictly mine. I have followed Gill for the last 8 years. Philisophically and technically, he is cut from the same cloth as Urban Meyer, another outsider to the SEC prior to eating our lunch.

    Your point about Lowder hiring Chizik to get through a couple of bad years is a good one (kinda like Zook at Florida). This, of course, would give a guy like Gill a couple more years to justify the enthusiasm guys like me have for him.

  31. 37

    I am with you Ballplay. 8-5 MAC record? If Chiziks record is going to be scrutinized, shouldn’t Gills total body of work be considered as well? Chizik may not be the best choice, but Gill may not have been either. They didn’t hire Patterson either, but there has not been much uproar over that. Did Tennessee face any scrutiny over their hire? No, because they didn’t even interview a black candidate. Where is the outrage? Stuff like this will just make a school not want to interview a black candidate if they are not sure they will hire him. But since it is in the South, it must be racist. Charles Barkley is an idiot, and he is mad because they kicked him off the selection committee when they hired the basketball coach. But I lost respect for him when he spit on the fan when he was playing in the NBA. Auburn should disassociate with him, he has done nothing but hurt Auburn during an important time.

  32. 39
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Charles Barkley……….The next GUUVVVNANAAA of the fair state of Alabama ???!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont think it cant happen people….

  33. 40

    Not only don’t think it can happen, praying that it don’t. . . we need someone with a much higher IQ and an Auburn degree to run this state, but I guess if he doesn’t win he can scream racism

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