PRAVDA: Chizik is good coach, good man

Phillip Marshall flip-flopped into a strong endorsement of Auburn’s new coach Gene Chizik Saturday night. Auburn’s version of Pravda declared the hiring a victory for the heroic Auburn family over the evil residing in Tuscaloosa.

He is a good man and a good football coach. He has the toughness, the knowledge and the intangibles it takes to succeed. Of that, I have no doubt, his struggles at Iowa State notwithstanding…

I can’t say whether Chizik will win as much as he needs to win or not. I know he’ll work tirelessly at it. I know he’s a good coach. I know he’s a good man.

And that says a lot.

It looks like Marshall has decided it is time to french kiss a new Auburn football coach. It must be how he guarantees himself access to the program. Unfortunately for Auburn fans, this type of journalism won’t assure the administration is held accountable for its betrayal of the Auburn nation.

Chizik may win; however, there can be no justification of this hire based on Chizik’s record. It is a worse hire than Bill Curry at Alabama. Marshall knows it. He said as much this morning. But access is more important than truth.

He really does a great job at spreading sunshine. He’d make a great political spinmeister.

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