Why Tide freshmen excelled in 2008

The Dothan Eagle: But Ingram, Hightower and particularly the touted Jones brought maturity and a business-like attitude that fit into the team’s approach. “Those freshman have all shown an ability to do that with the help and support of the players around them,” Saban said. “They’ve all contributed significantly to the success of the team.”


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    The reason for the freshman sucesses is that they had more talent size and speed than the guys who preceded them.
    And this years class is a reload.

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    Yes u talk about a reload,,it’s not going to be very good to be in the SEC WEST in o9.This bama team is going to be so strong it scares me.If trent comes in and makes a big impact in the running game and we happen to pick up Rubin Randle to go a long with julio,, my god what a offense this will be to watch.I think defense will be alright if we can find someone to step up and be a leader and i’m sure some one will.

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