Heisman Preview: Expect tight race

AP: Tebow’s back in Manhattan for another Heisman handout, looking to make it two in a row on Saturday night, but this time if his name — or Sam Bradford’s or Colt McCoy’s — is called, he won’t have to pretend to be surprised. “I think this year, no one really knows,” said Bradford, Oklahoma’s prolific passer. “It’s going to be a close race.”

I’d vote for Tebow or McCoy; McCoy was my favorite heading into the SEC Championship game, but Tebow’s performance was outstanding. That said, I expect Bradford to win. Here’s the AP story previewing the award.


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    It is widely thought that Tebow is a shoe-in for the Heisman again this year. If not, it is feared that the rapture will come followed by the four horseman of the apocolypse.

    Back to you, Cappy!

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