Terrence Cody for Heisman?

College Football Talk says Heisman Trophy voters should consider players beyond “quarterbacks with video game numbers.” CFT’s writer Michael David Smith said his vote would go to Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree this year, but he provides a list of other impact players who should be considered among the best players in college football. His list includes: Iowa running back Shonn Greene, Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody, and USC linebacker Rey Maualuga.

A look at the list of Heisman Trophy winners shows quarterbacks have won 7 of the last 8 awards. The only non-QB to win the award during that stretch was USC running back Reggie Bush in 2005. The last defensive player to win the award was Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson in 1997. The award has primarily gone to running backs or quarterbacks—and not necessarily the best player in college football.

CFT’s list raises a great question, can a defensive lineman win the Heisman?
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    There has been a little scuttlebutt on the rumor mill that the Heisman will include a new swimsuit catagory in 2010.

    Back to you Cappy!

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