Nall believes Tuberville’s mother

Hugh Nall believes Mrs. Tuberville
Former Auburn assistant coach Hugh Nall endorsed Olive Tuberville’s claim that her son was fired by Auburn. The best Auburn blog out there, Jay G. Tate’s, provided this quote today: On Olive Tuberville’s assertion that her son was fired: “If Olive Tuberville told me it was going to be cold out, I’d wear the biggest coat I’ve got. That’s all that needs to be said there.”

When given the choice between believing Tommy Tuberville’s mother or Jay Jacobs—I’d side with Tommy’s mother too.

Auburn fans should read the Capstone Report
While we were talking about Olive Tuberville’s comments a week ago, ESPN and Auburn fans are only this week confronting the reality of what Tommy’s mother told the O-A News.

This comes during a week where ESPN went public with the statement by Tuberville’s mother, Olive, that her son was fired and didn’t resign as athletic director Jay Jacobs tearfully described at last week’s press conference.—TrackEmTigers

ESPN reported it because the AP moved a story on it. If you checked the Capstone Report, you would have learned about the O-A News report four days before the mainstream media began talking about it.

Four days.

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That is an eternity in the age of the Internet for the great reporting done by the O-A News to be ignored. That is four days to build a case against your athletic director Jay Jacobs.

Jacobs is now the target of a website seeking his ouster. attempts to outline a case against the athletic director. This is a tough time for the Auburn family and many Auburn fans worry the coaching search is headed toward the abyss.

Reality is starting to hit home for the Auburn football program. Simply put, no proven coach wants the job. Let’s face it, for all the resources it has, the Auburn gig is perhaps the most unattractive big-time college football job in America. And it’s all because of who’s controlling the University.—TrackEmTigers

That is an overreaction. Jacobs is a liar and obviously out of his depth, but things can work out. Auburn is a good job. I’ll again point Auburn fans to Tate’s analysis—simply put, Auburn’s leaders likely had a plan of attack and a target in their sights before Tuberville was let go.

That should encourage Auburn supporters. It might not work out the way you hope or the way Auburn insiders would like, but you have to let the search unfold. Things are seldom as bad as they seem. It seems like I wrote that sentence about a million times during the turmoil of the Alabama coaching search. I’d say things ended nicely for Alabama.