Mississippi St. hires Dan Mullen

AP: Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen will be the new football coach at Mississippi State, moving from the Southeastern Conference champions to one of the league’s perennial cellar dwellers. Read the entire report below. One comment before the story, I’m not sure it is a great hire. He could be an excellent hire; however, exchanging Sylvester Croom (one year removed from SEC Coach of the Year) for a coordinator isn’t a great move in my opinion. On to the story.


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    Good. A tune-up game for the spread before we play Florida in the SEC Championship again. But can he recruit well there? That is the question.

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    Urban Meyer released the following statement to CBS Sportline;

    “It is good to see Dan getting opportunities to move ahead in the football world. Unfortunately, this isnt one of those opportunities….I can not believe that Dan would give up the opportunity to work with someone as charismatic, intelligent and sexy as I am, to work in Starkville, Ms…..Oh well, doesnt matter….Everyone knows that I am a genius. And ridiculously good looking too…..”

    Back to you Cappy!

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