POLLS: Tide falls to #4

Alabama falls from consensus #1 to #4 in both major polls. Not bad for a team with only nine scholarship seniors. Not bad for a team coming off 6-7 and 7-6 seasons. And it will only get better from here. The coaches’ poll has Oklahoma followed by Florida, Texas and USC/Alabama in fourth. The AP ranks Florida at the top. Here’s the summary of the AP poll:


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    Well, Roll Tide! It has been a great season this year, one to remember for a change. Bama stopped a lot of streaks this year, and poised to be creating some of their own for next year. Next year will be another great ride for us Bama fans. The recruiting machine that is Nick Saban will just reload year after year for as long as he is at Bama. He will win the state in recruiting this year also, putting Auburn another year behind, no matter who they hire. (unless it was Pete Carroll or somebody like that)

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