Nick Saban is just misunderstood

The Tampa Tribune: It’s far from a college football secret that Alabama coach Nick Saban is not – how do we say this? – considered a warm and fuzzy guy. He has a reputation as an in-your-face tough guy. When Saban was hired at Alabama before last season, a Crimson Tide booster acknowledged that “Yeah, he’s a real SOB, but now he’s our SOB.” Well, with a 12-0, No. 1-ranked football team under his direction, Saban, more than anything else, is popular with the Crimson Tide. (Read the entire story embedded below.)


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    Soon all the talk will end and the game will begin…
    Yes Florida is fast…. but has anyone else noticed Bama has a little speed too.
    Remebember Knowshon. And Thunder and Lightning? How fast they were. or Mario Fannin. How about Charles Scott, Enrique Davis. Dexter McCluster?
    Seems Bama could keep these guys bottled up this year. And now we run into a Florida team that thinks they invented speed. Well good on ya, Gators.
    Luckily Bama fans are keeping thier predictions conservative and not bragging too much. But lets be honest Nick Saban and co. know how to play keep away withthe ball and they know how to knock the snot out of you when you try to get to the red zone.
    This one will be a good game….

  2. 2

    The problem tmc1 is your talking about one man (2) on each team… FL (team) is fast Tebow is DEADLY and Harvin is a DECOY enjoy the game guys!

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