Wednesday practice notes

Alabama continued its preparation for the SEC Championship game—even if all the Internet chatter was focused on a rival coach getting fired.

Wednesday’s practice was outdoors and Thursday’s practice should return indoors to simulate the dome environment.

Alabama has been working on Florida, but Saban said the team still had a significant way to go before it is ready for the Gators. One element of work is getting the players to focus on the details of the task they are asked to perform.

“The big thing we’ve tried to emphasize to our players is to focus on the task,” Saban added. “It’s just like trying to make a putt in golf. It’s a lot easier if you focus on what you have to do to make the putt, rather than focusing on the results of the putt. That does not enhance your chances of being successful at all. So that’s really what we’ve tried to get the players to do is focus on the things they need to do to play well, practice well and prepare well.

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“You give any good team that you play the proper respect and we certainly do that, but at the same time we need to focus on this about you and your ability and your execution, in terms of what you have to do and that’s got to become your priority. That’s what we are trying to do and the players have done a good job of that.”

In those words are the secret to playing Florida’s explosive offense. Keep control of yourself, do your job and you can make plays.

Terrence Cody
What has Cody meant to the Alabama defense? In simple terms he has required two linemen to block him, but it is so much more than that. Saban said the nose guard has allowed Alabama to play fewer eight man fronts which has allowed more split safety coverages. And what does that mean? Fewer big plays.