Mandate to keep Tuberville

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A poll here at the Capstone Report shows strong support for Tommy Tuberville; it is clear, Tide fans want Tuberville to stay at Auburn. In this morning’s vote almost 75% of voters want Auburn to keep Tommy Tuberville as coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Why? Isn’t Tuberville the guy who kicked Alabama’s ass for six straight years?

The answer from fans falls into two areas.

First, Tide fans believe Tuberville is lazy. Lazy probably isn’t the right word because you don’t get to be a head coach in the SEC without hard work. Comparatively, Tuberville is lazy when you think of Nick Saban. Alabama fans believe as long as Tuberville remains at Auburn, Saban will win recruiting battles and most battles on the gridiron.

Second, some Tide fans want Tuberville retained to humble him before he slinks off. Last year when Tuberville’s agent flirted with every open job in college football, several fans I spoke with were worried Tuberville would fly the coop before Alabama could end the streak and deliver some humility.

Some of these same fans won’t be happy if Tuberville leaves before he receives a few additional routs.

Anyone remember what Auburn fans were saying about Mike Shula? Doesn’t this have a similar feel? Whenever rival fans want your coach to stay, it speaks volumes about the balance of power.

There is one segment of Alabama fans that believe Tuberville’s arrogance deserves his termination immediately. It looks like that segment will get their wish.

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  1. 1

    I have to disagree with Tuberville being terminated. There is no heir apparrent for Auburn and they are trying to bluff the “Riverboat Gambler” into thinking they have options.
    The only option they have is to open up the war chest and hope that the next coach they get can win consistently in the SEC….And that in and of itself is a risky proposition to spend 10s of millions of dollars on.
    My prediction…..Tuberville stays after another coup attempt, NOT because he wants to but becasue AU doesnt want to pay his buyout.

  2. 2
    Tuberneck Hater

    35-33 OVERALL RECORD and a 14-36 CONFERENCE RECORD outside of Alabama’s WORST seasons, which were ironically enough his most successful from 00-07?

    As was stated, he’s a mediocre coach who used Alabama’s weakened state to achieve slightly above average status.

  3. 3
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Yall are retarded. The dude was a good football coach. The Almighty Saban even said so in his own preess conference. I have to disagree with the result of this. Saban even said , ” I guess Im 5-7 from the same thing”…….

  4. 4

    So Tuberville is leaving and Auburn is going to pay him 5.1 Million dollars, even though he quit and they dont have to…hey …Maybe they are giving it to him Cos he is sucha great guy….

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