Death watch for Tuberville

UPDATE: The Birmingham News has reported Auburn has made unofficial contact with Texas Tech’s Mike Leach.

Those contacts took place before talks between Tuberville and Auburn officials about the coach’s future resumed today.

Al Del Greco of WJOX reported the “scuttlebutt” Wednesday morning was that the situation does not look good for any of the coaches on the Plains to return.
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  1. 2

    Why do you call it a “death watch?” The man might get fired but please don’t be like that piece of trash Shane that calls into Paul Finebaum.

  2. 3

    The death watch is a little hyperbole at how fans and media focus on these types of situations. It’s almost like a head of state on his deathbed based on the attention, conversation and let’s be honest importance of college football in this state.

  3. 4

    Oh ok. I just remeber the media blasting Saban for the stuff he said after the La-Monroe game last year. And Shane is ok but I really didn’t like what he said to Gary Danielson. I thought it was classless and he embarrased my program at a national level by saying such.

  4. 5

    I like Danielson…he makes great points about what is happening in the game from a QB’s perspective.

    I didn’t hear all of Shane’s call to Danielson, but it was summarized to me by someone who did hear it as basically asking why a bad QB has the right to be critical of anyone.

    But such a question reminds me of something Howard Cosell warned against—a jockocracy.

  5. 8

    I don’t care whether he stays or goes. I’m just happy that most of the loud-mouth barners have been quiet lately. A little humility goes a long way.


  6. 9

    DEATHWATCH ’08!!!
    I appreciate the irony.
    We all know they are going to get it fixed and make that title run
    “NEXT YEAR!”

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