Media: Auburn dirty compares a video of an Auburn block in Saturday’s Iron Bowl to the legendary dirty block last year against Glenn Dorsey. CFT bluntly writes, “My own opinion is that it was a dirty play, and that something needs to be done about the frequent cut blocks from Auburn offensive linemen.”

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    I don’t care if it is Auburn or Utah, this kind of play needs to be stopped. The penalty for this should be missing games and should be able to administered after the game if necessary.

  2. 4
    Auburn Man

    It looked like a perfectly legitimate block from the fine young Auburn Man!
    He couldnt help it if the Bammerscum was just getting up, wasnt in the play, and had his back turned and could see it coming!

  3. 5

    this is a result of something i’ve been concerned about for some time and that’s the “legal” holding that the ncaa rule allow at this time.

    i noticed on several occasions auburn linemen holding alabama defensive linemen by their jerseys while their teammates took shots at them. i understand doubleteams. it’s as old as the game. but when you allow one to grab the other by the jersey while one’s teammate takes shots at him, this is what happens.

    it needs to be addressed.

  4. 6

    And yet
    Auburn fans cannot understand why other teams and fanbases look at them with such utter contempt and disgust.
    CTT either is a fool who cant control the antics of his thug-style players,
    Or he is encouraging them to do shit like this.

  5. 7

    What do you expect, they’re from the cow college up the road. They’ve been raised dirty. In pig pens, cow barns, and the honorable vet clinics around the state.

  6. 8

    To all the Auburn fans that defend this you are just as dirty as your coaches. You were shut down, you were shut out, now do us all a favor and shut up!!

  7. 9

    Auburn sucked at chop blocking this year. They did try though. To all the Auburn fans pissed about the time out on the field goal, or pissed Bama threw that last TD…. you have no argument. I would hope that Bama would try to run the score up. After all the cheap shots and trying to hurt players, Auburn deserves the humiliation.

  8. 10

    Auburn leadership, coaches, players, and in turn, their fans, are some of the most classless individuals you’ll ever meet, and on-the-field and off. Ryan Pugh’s (the chop blocker) dad was one of my high school coaches. And let me tell you, the apple didn’t fall too far away from the ole tree. Watch my upcoming column for more…

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