AU Iron Bowl report (Tuesday update)

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Here are two stories on the situation at Auburn. First, a story examining Auburn’s defensive line vs. Alabama’s offensive line. Second, a notebook of items from Auburn including the injury situation, Tray Blackmon’s status, and one player’s encounter with a biting police dog. Back to the defensive line, Auburn’s line believes they can match Alabama’s intensity. You can read about Auburn’s defensive line in this story from the O-A News (read it all below):


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    Here are some Auburn articles but none of the Auburn homos here seem to want to comment about them. They are busy obsessing over the Bama articles as usual.

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    Does anyone here remember the pre-season and SEC media days. Whent the Aubbo players and coaches were talking up the 2008 hype. Remeber that ehy were ranke in the top 10?
    I am currently laughing myself silly thinking about it.
    Well at least before the season started they were contenders.

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