Bowls and BCS stuff

Dennis Dodd has a great piece on why coaches should not have a say in the BCS selection process. His case boils down to a simple fact—coaches are human and prone to human pettiness. He’s right. There are more agendas on display in the coaching ranks (the Saban rule) than from the media. I trust the media poll far more than the coaches’ poll.

As the BCS scenarios are discussed (see story below from the AP), you might be wondering about Alabama’s bowl opportunities. Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News explores that with an excellent what-if list on his blog. Chris Low on his ESPN blog has his set of SEC bowl predictions. It looks like Ole Miss is headed for the Cotton Bowl. What does a new SEC power rising in Oxford mean for the SEC West? It could make it more difficult for Alabama to land recruits from west Tennessee and Mississippi. But doesn’t it make the division more problematic for LSU? Houston Nutt seems to own Les Miles.

As mentioned above, here is another BCS analysis from the AP: