AU braces for Cody

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Dealing with Alabama’s massive nose tackle is a big part of the Auburn game plan. According to the the Dothan Eagle this is AU’s plan: Keeping the pressure on Cody will be key if Auburn doesn’t want an unwanted guest wreaking havoc in its backfield play after play Saturday.

“We’ll have a plan for that,” Ensminger said. “You can’t just go out there and try to run a zone to his side because he’s going to get push and that kind of throws the timing off all the plays.

“As much as we can double-team him, we will.” Read the entire story below:


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    my god do yall two still think auburn can win this is monday the 24th 5.37pm and i am telling you now this game will be a blow out.bama will spank and take out so much frustration on the spread eagles it will be pitiful.after six years do you really think SABAN will not have this team ready LMAO.NO CHANCE IN HELL [[NOT THIS YEAR.ROLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    JW, what Ballplay means is when our Cody is in the backfield as much as their Kodi, Ziemba will call in the chopblock play from the sidelines for the center and guard and then Cody will go over and slap ziemba down like a school boy after he finishes off Bosley

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    IT aint Cody Auburn needs to worry about, but if they feel that way that is great! Bama can beat the crap out of Auburn without Cody. Look for multiple chop blocks this week. If Auburn can’t beat Bama, look for them to try and hurt a player to try to mess them up for the SECCG. All Lee Ziemba will bring is at least 2 offsides penalties, a lot of missed blocks, and at least one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He may even be one of the best weapons Bama can use against Auburn.

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    Sorry JW but you guys MIGHT win but this wont be a BLOWOUT! NO way your offense aint that good Bro! But GL you may still stay undefeated, also JW whats your stand on the SECCG?

    Legion Field Says:
    November 25th, 2008 at 8:20 am
    “Watch the LSU game film and you will see how to NEGATE MOUNT CODY!!”

    Yep, its called “HOLDING”

    they didnt hold him they double teamed him and menhandled him but they didnt hold him.

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    I smell a chop block in the wind.
    BUT if auburn chop blcoks Cody. In comes Chapman and he is the strongest player on the team and pretty damn good in his own right. So then what….Another Chop block? Yeah I get the hint. “You got to get lower” Bosely and Ensminger are idiots. You dont push this Bama line around like you could in the past.. they will smack you in the teeth and take your lunch money.

    Bosely and Ensmiger dont need to be smirking, they have more holes than swiss chees in thier offensive line and have been bullied around all year long.

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