Iron Bowl: Red Zone=Dead Zone for AU

O-A News: After another game of ineptitude inside its opponents’ 20-yard line, Auburn dropped to dead last — out of 119 FBS teams — in red zone offense. Read all about AU’s offense as it prepares for the Iron Bowl in the story below.
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  1. 1

    Are you kidding me? Auburn will be devastating in the red zone in the IB…. Why? Becasue Auburn fans think they will be. …
    Someone needs to explain tot he 2nd tier school across the state that they arent really that good… And whats more they couldnt get a brand name coach at gunpoint.

  2. 2

    But tmc1, you know you can throw the records out the window. Remember Punt Bama Punt? Those are the things Auburn people are saying, drawing hope from the past. Something us Bama fans have been accused of. What Auburn fans don’t realize, those ‘miracle’ Auburn teams were actually pretty good. This Auburn team is terrible. The past 2 games have been an improvement, but it will not be enough to beat the Tide this year.

  3. 6

    Ballplay, quit bragging, you know that Aub is not in the top 150, on paper, on the field, in your house, the outhouse, whatever

  4. 8

    Julio thinks Auburn will suddenly change this statistic just in time for the Iron Bowl. Everything that has happened in this season will just go away, and all of the sudden Auburn will play lights out. Auburn has no pressure at all to win the game, all they have to do is come out and play with nothing to lose. Bama can’t handle the pressure of their ranking, and Auburn won’t be intimidated. Plus, if Auburn can’t get tit done, Florida will. Do I have all this correct Julio? Does this get your approval?

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