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    Auburn Man

    Excuse me Bama scum.
    Has anyone seen BallPlay Indian?
    He is late for my 2:30 Hindu therapy testicular massage. Please tell him to step it up as I have a 3:30 meeting with the local Sherriff’s department to evict those damn Childrens Charity workers from one of my office spaces. Can you believe they actually want me to donate some of MY money to thier Cause? Bunch of deadbeat hippie riff raff.
    I am Auburn Man…. and your not.

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    Ballplay, why are you posting as Auburn Man? You used the wrong word “your” when it is supposed to be “you’re”. In each post. And you are supposed to be the Grammer Nazi here. But I understand. The stress of this season has got you off your A game.

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