Police probe alleged fight involving football player

The Rap Sheet has reported that University police are probing a fight between a football player and two members of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. According to the report, the football player is unnamed. Rumors have swirled all day about this.

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    UA greeks are the worst of any University in the USA. I’ve got degrees from 2 other Universities and none of the greeks are as arrogant and disrespectful as UA’s. I love the University of Alabama and my degree from there but the biggest negative is the greek machine.

    But in all fairness it usually is a 2 way street and it takes 2 to tango. Hope there is nothing serious to come from it.

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    So Cap are you going to issue a memo to the readers not to reveal anything they know about this like TideSports has in their forum?

    Know…i agree

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