SEC Championship ticket news

Fans and players talk about the demand for SEC Championship tickets in this video:

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While we are talking about tickets…What are we in Utah?
The SEC Media credential request information has been sent out and there was this one section that jumped out:

Tickets for Media
Media can order up to two spouse tickets for the game (Tickets are $70 each). Please send check payable to the Southeastern Conference for amount to the address below (SEC Office). There is no guarantee that you will receive them. You will be notified on Monday of game week whether you receive your request.

Two spouse tickets? Most reporters I know can barely afford one spouse let alone two. Is the SEC now embracing a polyamorous society? Just goes to show what happens when a Democrat gets elected president.

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    Bama Fan In NYC

    A friend of mine, from Georgia, actually bought a pair tickets on ebay a few weeks, for $30.

    Imagine how much he’s going to make when he re-sells them.

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