2 dead in argument over football game

The Sporting Blog had the best line of the day regarding this situation. According to the Sporting Blog, “Don’t bring a pistol to a shotgun fight.” Anyway, here are the serious details about an argument over the Alabama-LSU football game. Report via AP:


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    Only in Alabama. Remember the guy who shot at his son after Bama lost to Arkansas in the famed 21 point comeback, three overtime thriller in Bryant-Denny? Come on people; it’s just a game! A game that we’re the best at in the land, but still, just a game!

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    Ballplay Indian.

    If I had to guess, the post game smack talk was just the final straw. Drugs and alcohol prolly involved in this deal. More about an idiot who shot two people than a football game. But your right Intheknow its just sad.

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    WOW bama n NYC you show your stupidity damn near every time you open your MOUTH.
    How about this 2 STUPID ASS BAMMAS run their soup coolers till dude couldnt take it no more,sounds stupid to dont it?
    intheknow said it best and as usual YOU F’D it up 🙁



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