Roll Tide! Saban restores pride

Alabama has completed its prep work for this weekend’s game. While there was some rumbling that the concentration early in the week wasn’t strong, Saban said he thought the preparation went well.

“I think our team has had pretty good focus and preparation for this game,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “We are coming off a good win against Arkansas State . There are certainly some things we can improve on, work on and get better at. We need to challenge ourselves to play to our full capacity, which is certainly going to be a key to this week’s game because LSU has an outstanding team. They are very well coached. Les Miles has done a fantastic job while he has been there.

“They have a very good offensive team. They average over 400 yards per game and score a lot of points. They have a lot of good skill players and a very good offensive line. They have really good runners. Their defense is very talented and have some guys that are difficult to block in the front seven, whether its Tyson Jackson, Kriston Pittman or Rahim Alem. (Darry) Beckwith is a good linebacker. They have a great kicking game and great returner. They are a very, very good team. We are going to need to play as good a football as we have played, or better, and continue to improve as a team to be able to have an opportunity to be successful.”

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As this weekend’s game nears, there is tremendous attention focused on the program. Diverse media outlets are writing about Alabama and its coach. Even, an investment website, picked Alabama to win over LSU. It just shows how much attention being highly ranked brings the University. Much of that attention is centered on Alabama’s coach. Love him or hate him, Saban generates press. A reader recommended two interesting stories on Saban from ESPN The Magazine. First, Winston Groom pens a story to help folks understand Nick Saban. Groom tells people to stop wasting time hating. Second, Wright Thompson gives us a view of how much LSU fans hate Saban. Interesting stuff.

Lastly, here for you to read is a 1,269-word story on how Nick Saban has restored the pride of the Alabama program. The Alabama program is no longer just strong in memory—it is doing it again on the field: “But this isn’t some musty tradition fit only for a museum. It’s on the move again — evolving, growing, eager to carve its own niche at a school where Bryant still reigns supreme, more than a quarter-century after his death.” You can read more below:


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  1. 1

    considering the source, this was a decent column.

    but i can’t let the commentary from and about bill curry go.

    bill curry was not unaccepted because he didn’t play for Coach Bryant.

    we were suspicious, yes. he was a georgia tech grad. reason enough.

    the fanbase turned on bill curry because he was, and still is as far as i’m concerned, A PHONY as well as incompetent.

    i love his story about how Coach Bryant called HIM for advice on how to beat notre dame. what an incredibly pretentious piss ant.

    from the brick-thru-the-window story to the hurricane game to the call to the authorities over death threats before the auburn game, bill never failed to trash an opportunity to earn our trust and respect.

    and he’s never missed an opportunity to trash us when it arose no matter the forum. it’s no secret, he doesn’t like us and we damn sure don’t like him.

    but save the bear’s boys crap. bill had his chances and he blew them.

    wasn’t one of bear’s boys, yeah. there’s a smoke detector in my back pocket, bud. go blow that smoke up someone else’s ass.

  2. 2
    mike tierney

    I want to pick LSU over Alabama. I really do. Sometimes, you can just smell an upset coming. Let’s see if my nostrils are deceiving me.
    1. Tigers fans, notoriously intimidating under normal circumstances, will unleash flat-out hatred for Bama coach Nick Saban. )Which I don’t get. The guy delivered a national title to Bayou country.) The Crimson Tide are unbeaten on the road. (Not to mention at home.)
    2. LSU has the No. 1 rusher in the SEC, based on yards per carry: Charles Scott (6.7). The Crimson Tide has the next best: Glen Coffee (6.6).
    3. LSU ranks third in the SEC in rushing defense. Bama’s offensive line averages 308 pounds per man and creates holes that an elephant could burst through.
    4. LSU has allowed 50 points in two of its games. No. 1-ranked teams are 2-2 the past four weeks.
    5. Tigers premier linebacker Darry Beckwith is back from injury. The Tide’s ferocious nose tackle, Terrance Cody, is expected back from injury.
    For each point, there is a counter-point. I think the difference will be (a.) Bama’s cool quarterback, John Parker Wilson, and LSU redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee, who has thrown five picks returned for touchdowns, and (b.) Nick Saban somehow outfoxing the estimable Les Miles with a team relying on only nine scholarship seniors.
    Bama by a touchdown.

    For more, check out

  3. 3
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Bill Curry, be aware the “Alabama mafia” has their eyes on you.

    Good luck at Georgia Southern, you head coaching reject.

  4. 4

    MIKE bama ranks second in sec rushing defense.charles scott WILL not get the yards he is use to.this defense will shut him and the rest of the bayou tigers down.les miles will be run out of tiger town in two more years i think with bama taking over sec west. ROLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEE UNDEFEATED BABY./////////////

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