Coach Killers

By Shane from Centerpoint
Coming off of an SEC championship game appearance last year, the 2008 college football season was supposed to be a big year for Tennessee and Coach Phil Fulmer. Meanwhile, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden – with his team (pre-season) ranked inside the top ten – was optimistic about his chances for great success as well. That was merely the calm before the storm – a storm named Nick Saban. The cloud of doom left hanging over each man’s program after being embarrassed on the field by Saban’s Tide sealed their fate.

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was an innocent victim. He had no idea when the game was originally scheduled that he would face a team totally converted to the “Saban Way”. Bowden’s team had no chance. Against the Crimson Tide Bowden’s players got beat down and pounded into the turf so hard they still haven’t recovered. The disastrous results of that game sparked a final verdict from the men who pay Bowden, and the hammer fell.

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The demise of Phil Fulmer is much different. Fulmer’s obscene obsession with Alabama consumed him and finally destroyed him. In fact he is indirectly responsible for putting Nick Saban in place at Alabama. His contribution to the chaos at the Capstone played a major role in the series of events that lead to Saban’s hiring. A few weeks ago, after Nick shellacked him for the second year in a row, the Tennessee football mafia decided to show Fulmer what Johnny Majors felt like those many years ago. Fulmer simply became the poster boy for the old saying, ”What goes around comes around”. Tennessee handed him his walking papers.

One good thing came out of the situation for both men – they probably won’t have to face Nick Saban again.

Actually, there are three other coaches on Alabama’s schedule who stand to lose some credibility (or their job) by getting hammered by Saban.

First up is LSU head coach Les Miles. In spite of his insistence that the contest is all about the players, this game will greatly influence the perception of Miles’ ability to coach. Right or wrong he will be compared and measured against Saban. If Nick (a gridiron god in Tiger land) goes into Baton Rouge and blows LSU out, Lester is bound to feel the wrath of those lunatic zealots who run the program.

Remember, Miles has never lost to the Tide. I don’t believe a loss to Saban this year will create any serious activity behind the scenes, but a Bama victory combined with embarrassing defeats (giving up over 100 points combined) at the hands of Florida and Georgia might make the power boys start looking.

Secondly, Mississippi State front man Sylvester Croom needs something good to happen this season in order to keep the wolves from nipping at his heels. He hasn’t done anything impressive (this season) to date. A big loss to the Tide would only enhance this year’s ugly resume for Croom.

The third coach on the docket is Alabama’s cross-state rival – Auburn University head coach, Thomas Hawley Tuberville.

Tuberville’s life has essentially been a disaster since the day Nick Saban walked off the jet in Tuscaloosa. From Saban’s number one recruiting class to the complete failure of his dead “spread eagle” offensive system, Tommy’s future looks cloudy.

Adding to the turmoil is Tuberville’s strange, unhappy relationship with the people who write his check. That bad marriage has always created enormous pressure on the situation concerning Alabama.

In essence, due to the lousy coaching job Tubby has done this year, most people close to the program believe that he must beat Georgia and Alabama to stay at Auburn.

When all is said and done, the end of the 2008 college football season – which marks just the second year in Nick Saban’s tenure at Alabama – may end with a total of three established head football coaches from powerhouse schools looking for something else to do. Two are already confirmed with one more possibly on the horizon.

If Saban and his Crimson Tide keep this up every team in the SEC could have a new head coach within three years. If they aren’t careful they might be labeled “coach killers”.

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  1. 3

    Shane, you really are a fool. What’s with the Thomas Hawley Tuberville? Are you afraid we may confuse him with the other Tommy Tuberville coaching in the state of Alabama if you don’t use his middle name? Is that some way to add credibility to your bull (like your use of parentheses)? Let’s (start) using Nicholas Lou (Saban) every time (we talk) about the Bammer (head coach.)

  2. 4

    This is the best article you’ve written yet. No! Wait. Next week’s will be the best. And then the week after that, the week after that, etc. Man Shane, as Gene Stallings would remark, you just keep “getting better and better”.

  3. 5
    Jonathan Nall

    What a douchbag. You think just because St. Nick beat them they were fired? They have had sup par years for the past couple of seasons. That jerk Nick had nothing to so with it. And as far as Miss. St goes they are no better off than they were when Sly got there, so I don’t think you can say a loss to Alabama would be the straw that breakes the camel’s back. Regardless of what you may think fagboy the SEC don’t revolve around $aben and the tide

  4. 6

    This is a Bama website, we will call Big Ears whatever we want to, as far as Saban goes you might as well as get used to calling him Aub’s DADDY. . . .boy! heheheheheheheehehehe

  5. 7

    Shane, you are an idiot! Bama has had one good year so far and you would think it is the 2nd coming of Christ. The year is not over yet. LSU will beat Bama this weekend, Bama will win against MSU and AU. If Bama makes it to the SEC Champ. game UF will hammer them, they will then lose their bowl game (not the BSC Champ. game) and will not be ranked in the top 10 at when all the smoke clears. Anybody willing to put some big money up against this scenario. I didn’t think so, because deep down in those shallow Bama minds you all know it’s true.

  6. 8

    They have had one Good year and SHANE writes ONE good BLOG and DAMN IF HE AINT LABELING PEOPLE AGIAN Saban IS not a GOD!
    He cant take nor can you give him CREDIT for whats going on with COACHES you IGNORANT EXCUSE of a BAMMA I mean shit give me the DAMN HILLBILLY BAMMAS ANYTIME over YOU the one who thinks that SABAN IS A GOD… I bet you think OBAMMA IS BLACK TO DONT YA?????

  7. 9

    Seriously? Keep feeding the masses what they want to read while your up. Then when you finally fall, cause all teams do, then you can give your numerous excuses as to why the Tide lost. How about some real journalism instead of bias “reporting”

  8. 10

    Shane, I especially like the beginning, middle, and end of your article. Please continue this biased reporting. It gives an opportunity to argue with each other.

  9. 11

    I hate to disrupt all of these lovely flames for a genuine question, but does anyone TRULY believe that Tuberville hasn’t earned a mulligan for this season?

    Granted, I sincerely hope that Alabama grinds Auburn into a fine paste in a few weeks, but it seems to me that he should get a chance to right the ship.

    Call me crazy if you like, but I’m interested in what people think about this.

  10. 12

    Gotta love the barners. Back to pulling harder for Bama’s opponent more than they do their own team. Glad we’re getting back to the good old days Bama fans. RTR

  11. 14


    You seem to try to pull straws when writing your “articles”. Why else would you make weak associations like losing to Saban as the reason why both Phillip Fulmer and Tommy Bowden got canned? Could it be possible that both of them faced high expectations this season after several years of meddling in mediocrity and then flamed out? No, of course not. It is because the almighty Saban defeated them. Everything revolves around Saban because he is god… rtr… blah blah blah.

    I understand your enthusiam toward this season because Bama is playing solid football in every phase of the game. However, just because Bama is playing well doesn’t mean that you can throw weak sauce associations out there and call it journalism. Try again next week, Shane.

  12. 15

    Hey Kreskin and the rest of the Awbert goofs crying on this blog, just shut-up. The only thing Tuberchump wants to do is bail the heck out of Farmville. He still has a shard or two left in his back when you guys stabbed him three years ago. And you all know that you wanted and encouraged that attempted coup. That’s Awbert, a bunch of old fools sitting in a plane at an obscure airport attempting to covertly hire Big Bob. Tubs hates AU and he hates you; he is just sticking around for the buyout check. So once again just SHUUUUUUT UPPPP, please.

  13. 16
    Ty from T-Town


    Shane,the Coach Killer article; has a strange ring of truth.
    It is not enough that the coaches in the other conferences are now affected by the University of Alabama’s success. The Tenured Icons of our own conference are now packing up the plantation.

    Auburn,it’s not about you; at least not yet. You have enough damn problems to worry about.
    It’s high-time that someone exposed that ridiculous dude down at LSU.
    That would be an appropriate beginning to the end.

  14. 17

    Hey Jimbo,

    I’m guessing you missed the part where I said that I hope Alabama wins, as that may clue you in to who I actually root for. I was asking a simple question of the Auburn fans.

  15. 19

    Why BamaBrando? Fact is that Tubby has beaten Alabama 7 times in 9 seasons as head coach. He’s beaten Saban 4 out of the 6 times he has faced him. Even if Bama and Saban were to put one Auburn this year, it’s still a decided Tuberville advantage. If Tubby were to stay, clean out the BBQ gang, and let the new offensive coordinator bring in his own assistants, what makes you think Auburn can’t be successful and continue to hold their own against Bama?

  16. 20


    Here’s an answer to your question about the barn holding their own. RECRUITING. The barn is back to a 2nd tier SEC program. Just like it has been for most of its history.

  17. 21

    cry cry cry blahblahblah, you pathetic bunch of losers, all you can hope for is for Bama to lose a game just because your embarassing team will be sitting on the couch watching bowl games instead of playing in one. Tubby is begging them to fire him so he can get 6 mil and you know it, he sure coaches like he wants to be fired.

    Saban=2nd year west sec crown BCS bowl

    Twobigearsville=10th year no bowl game losing season


  18. 22
    P Israel

    Shane ,
    My friends and I set the over/under of coaches fired due to the Saban effect at 3.So far the over looks good.It is funny how fans of both schools become so intrigued over your articles that they find time to argue.Wait til next year!!

  19. 23

    Yeahright says: anyone willing to put up some big money on this scenario? ppppuulease don’t take food out of your kids mouths by betting away your welfare check you idiot!

  20. 24
    Bama Fan In NYC

    If Tubby were to stay, clean out the BBQ gang, and let the new offensive coordinator bring in his own assistants, what makes you think Auburn can’t be successful and continue to hold their own against Bama?

    Because Tuberneck, for one, was a below average coach, who didn’t find the key to success until his cross-state superior fell off the map with many coaching changes and NCAA sanctions. You can call it an excuse all you want, but the fact of the matter is, his EMBARRASSING TRACK RECORD prior to that era speaks for itself.

    And needless to say Alabama’s PolyTECHnic Institute only won THREE Iron Bowls in the 1990s, and what happened after that? Alabama’s program falls apart and API wins every game, except for 2001, this decade.

    Tuberneck may have a winning record against Nick Saban. But keep in mind he’s faced him TWICE in his first year at two different programs. Not to mention the 2004 game was a fluke, where you cheated to defeat his LSU squad by one point. Please explain how falling on top of a lineman (claiming he pushed off of his lineman to block the kick when VIDEO EVIDENCE SHOWED HE DIDN’T COME CLOSE TO TOUCHING HIM… watch the many Youtube videos and see for yourself) is illegal?

    Please give Tuberneck more time to play Alabama WHILE THEIR COMPETING AT FULL STRENGTH and then you’ll see he’s really not what he deceives you guys to be.

  21. 25

    Saban winning at Bama with Shula’s players?
    A former LSU football player recently cracked on a Baton Rouge television talk show that undefeated Alabama coach Nick Saban must be winning with Mike Shula’s players. … A closer look reveals that Saban is indeed winning with Shula’s players. There just are not nearly as many or as many quality players left over from the former Alabama coach’s regime as left by Saban. Shula was fired after the 2006 season at Alabama after going 6-7 in his fourth year as coach with a loss to a Mississippi State team that finished 3-9. He was 10-2 the year before and had reached a No. 4 ranking after a 9-0 start before a 16-13 loss in overtime to visiting LSU. But after that 9-0 start, Shula finished was 7-9. Saban was not much better than Shula in his first season as he finished 7-6 in 2007 with four straight losses to end the regular season, including a 21-14 defeat at the hands of Louisiana-Monroe for one of the most embarrassing moments in Alabama football history. But Saban has rebounded in year two with a 9-0 record and No. 1 ranking going into Saturday’s 2:30 p.m. CBS game at No. 15 LSU (6-2). And he has done this with 17 of his 22 starters being Shula signees. But Saban has inherited only nine scholarship seniors from Shula, including six key starters – quarterback John Parker Wilson, center Antoine Caldwell, right guard Marlon Davis, free safety Rashad Johnson, tight end Travis McCall and defensive end Bobby Greenwood. — Shreveport Times

  22. 26

    Bama Fan In NYC Says:
    November 7th, 2008 at 3:27 pm
    If Tubby were to stay, clean out the BBQ gang, and let the new offensive coordinator bring in his own assistants, what makes you think Auburn can’t be successful and continue to hold their own against Bama?

    Because Tuberneck, for one, was a below average coach, who didn’t find the key to success until his cross-state superior fell off the map with many coaching changes and NCAA sanctions. You can call it an excuse all you want, but the fact of the matter is, his EMBARRASSING TRACK RECORD prior to that era speaks for itself.

    SERIOUSLY DO YOU GUYS KNOW AUBURN ONLY PLAYS UAT ONCE A YEAR????? Sure WE caught UAT in the wheelchair mode and kicked the SHIT OUTTA ya for the last 9 years REALLY!!! Hell stoopid dude about 40 blogs up TOOK AWAY 6 sacks on BRODY by AU and DUMB ASSS from NYC thinks that one game a year WIN OR LOSE defines the SEASON hmmmmmm WHOSE AUBSSED WITH BEATING WHO? maybe you guys will FINALLY get a win this year (ITS EXPECTED) but ifff YOOOOUUUUU DDDOOONNNTT!!!! Whats your excuse gonna be I wonder as I sit and think? Maybe TUBBS had to win to save his job will probably be the most used one ….CAUSE THATS THE TRUTH!!!

    FU ALL


  23. 27

    Hell yea!!!! Looks like we will get the University of Alabama Rednecks undefeated!!! You bammers are scared shitless, and you know it! Tubby has thrived off of the top 5, and will win one more before he is put to pasture!

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  24. 28
    Heir Saban

    Still LMAO from the last blog !!!! I saw you on TV the other day. Where do you get your clothes ?? Goodwill rejects??? You even had on white socks!!!! You not only look like a bafoon you write things that sound like one. I here by nominate you KING BAFOON for all eternity!!!
    Please continue to write these idiotic blogs. When I read them I can’t help but think about you spreading those cheeks for Finebaum!!!
    Roll Tide!!!

  25. 30

    Cmon guys dont attack is Slacks and Socks! He cant write anyway and damn his MOM dressing funny as a kid coulda been colored blindness or something and it right to pick on the Handicap! i e..
    see every bammas excuse for losing to AU the last 9 years! But we DO make it a habit to kick the disabled dont we????
    Hell hit em hard ( white socks and all )

    P.S. Did you guys miss the bowl cut?


  26. 31

    BamaFan in NYC…

    As bad as you scream and howl about Tubby being a below average coach, he sure has done well against Bama (all your pathetic self imposed excuses aside).

    Imagine if Auburn were to get a REAL coach (and I emphasize real because you think Tubby is fraud), just think of how bad it could get for Bama. If you Bammers think Tubby is a fraud, then why would you want him to be fired. A real coach wouldn’t call off the dogs on you and let you lose by only a touchdown.

    Just food for thought.

  27. 32


    Last year, Saban let his team spiral out of control, losing 4 out of his last 5 games and almost blowing a big lead in the bowl game. The 4 game losing streak included an embarassing loss against a homecoming-like opponent, La – Monroe. After this game, Lord Saban compared his team’s embarassing performance to Pearl Harbor and threw several players under the bus.

    This year, Tuberville’s squad was snowballing downhill in a 4 game losing streak. However, instead of being embarassed at home against a homecoming opponent, Auburn saved some face by winning. Now Auburn has stopped the bleeding for the meantime and can at least have some much needed confidence going into “Amen Corner”. Never once this season has coach Tuberville thrown his players under the bus. Maybe Tony Franklin, who was getting paid, but never a college student.

    Saban is a jerk, Tubby is a good man. While Tuberville might not make it past this year, there are a lot of players that enjoyed playing for him and winning a lot of games in the process. Could you say the same for Alabama’s seniors last year about CNS?

  28. 33

    For real, these coaches were ready to get fired anyway. Who gives a good god damn if Saban had something to do with it? I don’t. We beat their asses anyway, f-ck ’em till next year! All Bama has to do is keep on winning and everything will take care of itself. Fulmer had that shit coming for atleast two years now. Give me a break Shane.

    Bamasux: I left something for you on the last blog by Shane. You keep missing me. I posted on there and gave you a shout out. I didn’t even see what you wrote about me until today when I was trying to find what I wrote so I could send it to a friend. It was great and made me laugh like always. You wish I was a “closet liberal”. Fact is, like I have said before I was praying to God Obama wouldn’t win and the Dem’s get control! Admit that you’re just mad that I’m on you like white on rice bitch. You’re a f-cking joke. A joke. Realize that soon and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. You keep dreaming that Auburn will beat Bama on November 29th. You know why no one thats a Bama fan is “scared”? Because if a team can’t score, they can’t win. That Auburn team couldn’t f-ckin’ beat Hoover and you know it, you piece of shit. Why don’t you stop wasting your time and kill yourself. Wait, it shit, then kill yourself you racist. Get the hell out of here and go suck Tommy’s dick. You fagot Aubie. Man, your mom should’ve thought real hard before she had you. Bitch.

  29. 34

    And WJB07AU, anyone would have thrown those players under the bus. They were pieces of shit. Do you forget about Jimmy Johns dealing cocain? Are you an idiot? I’m glad he did that. The best thing that ever happened to this team was getting those no good sacks of shit out of there, to bad it didn’t happen sooner.

    Fact is Aubo’s, Bama is 10-0 and looking for some reckoning.

  30. 36
    Heir Saban

    What….. no new blog yet?? I need my fix of bafooon speak!! Tell us some more of your prophecy… When Alabama beats Florida, will Meyer be next??? Hurry up already ….. DUMB ASS!!!!!
    You should consider career in fortune telling. I bet you could make more money doing that than your current occupation …. On second thought you appearing on TV with a diaper on your head would be an improvement from last week!!! But I guess the Jethro Bodine motif you wore last week is just YOU… A BAFOON!!!!

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