Rapoport asks the tough questions

People might not like reporters, but the good ones ask the tough questions. Today, Ian R. Rapoport asked Les Miles a very tough question.

I felt obligated to ask Miles if he did, in fact, call Alabama coach Nick Saban “the devil,” as former recruit Luther Davis told me last night: “Oh my gosh, no!” Miles said.

It spiced up the boring SEC teleconference said the Orlando Sentinel’s Jeremy Fowler. Tuberville was asked that question by a reporter for the Palm Beach Post.

This isn’t the first time a coach has been asked a tough question. Earlier this year Tommy Tuberville was asked how it felt to be passed by Alabama.

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  1. 1
    Barack Hussein Obama IS NOT My President!

    After all the garbage Les(er) Miles has said about Alabama in recent years, I wouldn’t doubt if what he said was true.

  2. 4

    a tough question???


    hey cap, want a tough question?

    get him to go ask saban if he’s personally circled the lsu game on the calendar and if winning the game gives him some vindication after everything that’s been said.

    then i’ll be impressed.

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